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Gratin Mussels
Gratin Mussels
Gratin Mussels

Gratin Mussels 


This dish has not undergone major changes over the years. We used to steam the mussels, but now we make them Bulhão Pato-style, a method usually associated with clams.

A delicious dish that stands out for its lightness and sophisticated flavors.


Mexilhão Gratin

Gratin Mussels


Difficulty: Easy

Preparation Time: 15 min

  • 1kg Fresh Mussel
  • Milk (Plenty)
  • White Wine (Plenty)
  • Coriander
  • Butter


Step 1.

            In a sauté, put the mussels and let it cook a bit.

Step 2.

            Cool it with some white wine and reduce it.

Step 3.

            Add the coriander, already choped, and the butter until you got the “bulhão pato” sauce.

Step 4.

            Put the mussels on the plate and serve.

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