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The Francesinha

The Portuguese language have “some” interpretation problems that can make a foreign get confused about the sanity of the people when they hear “I would like to eat a iron nail” or “I wish I could bite a dog.” However if who listens to us and understands a bit of our language, when you hear someone to say “now what I felt was a Francesinha” the case will be worst. Then we have to explain that this is the name of an emblematic dish of the city of Porto. Its origin is claimed by several restaurants in the city and we have no way to compare the various versions. Probably it has different origins, because we can find different recipes. The steak, egg, sausages, cheese in the middle of the bread, toasted or not are drizzled with the sauce that is where is the secret and it is the essential element for this dish. In Yours Bistrô the Francesinha is one of the dishes that I tasted and liked so much – from there you can take advantage of the location to visit the historic city center of Porto, through emblematic streets that take us to Clérigos or to Ribeira […]

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Recepie of Crepes YOURS

Recepie of Crepes YOURS: Making delicious crepes It is just so easy to please everyone with a great meal. This Recepie of Crepes YOURS also gathers everyone in kitchen. It was fantastic for a Sunday morning! Ingredients For crepe dough (6 crepe, adjust accordingly according to your needs) 1 egg 1 cup flour 1 cup milk Bit of salt 1 teaspoon spoon oil ½ teaspoon baking powder (1 teaspoon sugar if the filling is sweet) Suggestions for filling the Recepie of Crepes YOURS: Salty crepes: 1)      The Traditional: Ham, flamengo cheese and mushrooms. Use fresh white button mushrooms. Fry slices of garlic in a frying pan and when yellowish, add washed and sliced mushrooms. Add salt and season with “herbs de la provence”. 2)      Spinach, goats cheese and walnuts Wash well the spinach and reserve. In a pan, add butter and just a bit of garlic. Allow it to cook. Add the spinach still wet, so that this water allows them to cook. Season with salt. 3)      Blue cheese, caramalised onions (or pears) and walnuts To caramalise onions: Cut them in slices. Add olive oil to a frying pan and the onions (one table spoon olive oil per onion). You can […]

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