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YOURS Project

YOURS Project

YOURS Project began on a trip to India in 2008, more precisely at Hotel Yogi a guesthouse situated in Jodhpur with my (now) wife Luisa. We came up with the thought – and if we’ve done something like this in Porto. Six years after here is YOURS taking its first steps in Porto, city where we were born and grow.

YOURS Project

We would like to, when you read this, you felt like it had been written by you! … This is the spirit YOURS – made as if were you – and this is our way of seeing the project – we provide moments for our customers as personalized as possible.

This how we arises to Our Mission:

to provide to our customers unique moments, suiting wants and needs to your own tastes, while maintaining superior levels of quality and safety, contributing to the rebuilt of the Porto city center.

And also the spirit of Our Values ​​which are:

(1) Proximity – we are not doing a Hotel, we are making a home. We must know our customers wants and needs in order to fulfill them the best way possible and with the naturalness that characterizes us;

(2) Culture – without being pretentious, we will always be associated with a certain state of art. It is normal for us it is in our DNA, so do not be surprised if you see people painting, sewing or playing music. YOURS, be are our guest!

(3) HomeMade – the things we sell and we produce come from local craftsmen or agriculture (everytime is possible) products we obviously privileged.

YOURS Project

We also apply our Pillars:

(1) Quality – we will invest in high quality products and in small details in our (Guest)House. Our products will be best so we have a great towels, fantastic pillows, fresh and housie potatoes, homemade jams and heather honey! It’s in the details that we live in.

(2) Talent – let’s start from the beginning. We know that we have no tradition of running a Hotel or in catering. The best employees for us are reliable people, students who identify with our project, that serves with care and in on a pleasant way. This motivation allows to sustain growth.

(3) Convenience – the word affection could replace this pillar. We want people to feel good in our Home as if they could recreate THEIRS.

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