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YOURS Brand Identity
YOURS Brand Identity
YOURS Brand Identity

The history of YOURS brand identity is quite unique. The project began on a trip to India in 2008, more precisely at Hotel Yogi, a guesthouse in Jodhpur after a simple question –“and what if we did a hostel like this in our hometown, wouldn’t you like that?”. And the idea behind the brand identity sprung in such a unique place that combines harmony of culture, respect and religiousness.

To further add special concepts to the aforementioned ones and conciliating our idea of a business and delivery, and we added the following factors: sharing and the satisfaction to prepare something special for others. Finally, we spiced our project with the natural affection and hospitality that characterizes the Portuguese people.

The spirit YOURS emerged. The idea was to build a Guesthouse, an atelier (shop) and a kind of a restaurant. Our goal is to personalize each guest holidays as much as possible. We needed a logo that could stamp the three elements by changing a small detail on the brand identity.

To materialize our concept we envisioned the design of a trade image that translated this spirit, and thought of the Lotus Flower that symbolizes our principles.

Brand Identity Logo YOURS -  Lotus flower Draft

We then started to choose our color code. For this we got inspired in another flower, the pansy. In our minds, its colors combined the harmony, the resistance of an invincible city and the unique colors of a special diversity that we want to preserve.

Brand Identity Logo YOURS -  Pancy Draft

Once we established our trade image and colors, we started the reverse process. We had to simplify. We needed a visual logo, a stamp, locked the basic concept – a house. Then we had to reinvent ourselves.

Brand Identity Logo YOURS -  houses Draft

Brand Identity Logo YOURS – houses Draft

For this we established and wrote our basic concepts: our Mission, Values ​​and Pillars.

Mission: To provide our customers with unique moments, suiting the tastes own needs while maintaining superior levels of quality and safety, contributing to the restoration of the city center.

Values: (1) proximity, (2) Culture and (3) HomeMade.

Pillars: (1) quality, (2) Talent (3) Convenience.

It was then easy to design our identity and our Brand Logo:

Brand Identity Logo YOURS -  Final version

Logo YOURS – Final Version

The creators of YOURS Brand Identity are Luisa Fernandes, Luis Fernandes and Javier Molina.



Tel: +(351) 222033082

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