Travel Tips for Porto
Enjoy our fantastic scenic city and Douro river views
Travel Tips for Porto

Check these useful travel tips to get the best experience

If you are travelling to Porto any soon, you will find these travel tips useful to get the most of your journey. First of all, if you are looking for things to do in your stay, check our past blog posts about the subject, specially:
3 days in Porto.

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Source: Google Maps

This is the downtown map of Porto, the principal hub of the city, where you can see where our Guest House is localized as well as other important places like police stations and hospital.

First of all, the emergency numbers are:
European emergency phone number: 112
Principal Police Station of downtown: (+00351) 22 209 2000
Principal Fire Department of downtown: (+00351) 223 322787

Useful general travel tips:



Portugal has a mediterrean weather, so in Porto summer is pretty hot and Winter is rainy. Presently, spring is around the corner so the temperatures are already rising. Enjoy the country with the most daylight in Europe! By the way, timezone is GMT 0, and in summer is GMT +1

Spoken language:

The official language of Portugal is portuguese. Howewer, English is usually speaken by locals, specially young people; so feel free to make up conversation as people are also very friendly and talkative. Most of employees at shops and restaurants in downtown will also speak at least a bit of English.


The currency of Portugal is the euro. Tourists that come outside from the European Union or United Kingdom, p.ex, must keep in mind that will be necessary to exchange their money to the local currency. Being a big city, Porto offers a lot of options to exchange currency at every corner. At the train station or Aliados, both 5 min walk from Yours Guesthouse, you can find exchanges office.


As any other big city in Europe, Porto is pretty safe, just have common sense and be cautious at very populated places. The downtown of Porto is safe to walk even at night, just be sure that you avoid dark alleys.

Miscellaneous tips:

– When eating out be careful with the appetizers they bring you when you seat, those are not free!
– In Portugal sockets have two pins and are supplied with 220 or 380 volts.
– The metro and bus work very well around most of the city, dont be shy and use it. Ask about 24h/72h tourist tickets at tourist offices.
– Check local events, Porto is a city full of life.
– Feel free to talk with people and ask for help. We love to receive tourists!.

Check our Yours Guesthouse perfectly localized in the historical centre to get the best experience possible. Our cozy rooms and helpfull staff will make your experience in Porto memorable.

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