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Threads and Fabrics
Threads and Fabrics
Threads and Fabrics

There is nothing better than walking tucked between threads and fabrics on a haberdashery in Porto’ city center, or spend hours on the Internet discover the latest trends from Amy Butler, the Free Spirits or Kokka. I’ve always liked buttons and “fitilhos”, English embroidery, sewing machines and “chitas” from Alcobaça.

It  makes remember me to my Grandmother’s house in Redondo – Alentejo. The cool breeze felt indoors on sunny and scorching summer afternoons, the smell so characteristic of the chests opened where linen sheets and the blankets were placed, and a nice lunch in the late afternoon with homemade bread with butter and lemonade!

I think the love to “create” come from my maternal grandmother who had some ideas “out of the box” for those times.

chitas de Alcobaça

 After some research, a sewing machine (a gift from my husband) and some “sewing ” experiences  offered with great affection to my friends, the challenge has been launched!

What if you have more free time why not do something that makes you truly happy?

This was the beginning of Yours Store – Handmade!



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