Piece of a vision of Porto in images!
Piece of a vision of Porto in images!
Piece of a vision of Porto in images!

Do you think this image can reflect a certain perspective of Porto? Probably it does. Take a look at this filmed colorful portraits and discover what is best in Porto.

Piece of a vision of Porto in images!


Porto is a paradise for those who love life. The life in Ribeira’s colorful houses framed between bridges linking the two banks of the River Douro.  Pay attention to the balconies and windows or to the curves of the House of Music, facing the green gardens, and making the perfect circuit! This are holidays for a delicious memory.

Palaces, churches, streets, colourful traditional festivals are images that remain from Porto. The contrast between the white and the gray from the granite is captured in the flavors typical of the streets, the open windows of the buildings, the song of the churches and chapels. Porto has a unique human, cultural and artistic heritage.

This kind of personality, this glittering gold, makes the Porto inhabitants very special, that is also a heritage treasure. Life is made of a sum of small pleasures. The art of living!


Stories of knowledge, sharing of devotion, learning from legends and traditions, folk art creating masters of many  crafts, the smell of  unique shops, and the taste of cuisines and wine will make us travel by modernity that Porto offers …

Enjoy it…it´s your´s



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