Porto Half Marathon 2018
Porto Half Marathon 2018
Porto Half Marathon 2018

The Porto Half Marathon, has already a date for this year, September 16th, 2018.

Like the previous years, it is expected a lot of heat, and the stage will be the streets of Porto and Gaia. About 12 thousand people will be expected, which makes this event an indispensable reference on a sporting and social level!

The Porto Half Marathon 2018, is open to all athletes, federated or non-federated, and consists in a route of approximately 22 km. The walk, or Mini Marathon, an event that is also part, is intended for all age groups, without competitive ends, and consists in a route of approximately 6 km.

The registration limit is 15 thousand participants, in which 10 000 are awarded to the Half Marathon, and 5000 to the Mini Marathon.

Entries have to be bought at SportZone stores, or other places designated for this purpose, and prices vary according to the registration date. The novelty is that you can sign up now and start preparing for this event!

Throughout the course, the participants are accompanied by the Medical Assistance as well as, are covered by a sport insurance.

With 10 years of age, the  Porto Half Marathon keeps alive and growing, bringing people closer together, and encouraging people of all the cities and ages to practice physical activity. Undoubtedly a landmark event of Porto city!

Porto Half Marathon 2018

Porto Half Marathon 2018


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Ulf Tunn ,Germany says:

I would like to registrate.
But up to now it was not possible.

August 27, 2018 at 21:36

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