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Palácio da Bolsa of Porto
Palácio da Bolsa of Porto 6
Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

Porto Stock Exchange Palace or Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto is an historical building situated in the historical neighbourhood of “Ribeiro do Porto” near the rivers shore behind the São Francisco church. The so called Palácio da Bolsa of Porto has many calling it  “The stock exchange Palace of Porto” is one of the many monument of the city of Porto that are designated  World Heritage Site by the UNESCO and it is also one of the most important ones.

The structure of Palácio da Bolsa of Porto was built to impress incoming visitors, and they succeed. It was constructed in the 1840’s because Porto was a thriving city with a powerful network of merchants and one of the main Portuguese merchants groups was the “city’s Commercial Association”.

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto 4

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto 4

The Palácio da Bolsa of Porto was built not only to impress but also has a meeting point for important events for political and commercial matters. The building itself is a mixture of British, Palladian and Neoclassical styles – that is the name given to the movement of all the from of arts that draw inspiration from the “classical antiquity” art and culture of the ancient Romans and Greeks.

The Neoclassical style gives a special symmetry in all the buildings volume. In the interior of the building you can find numerous sculptures and paintings. You also can find  hand-carved, perfectly fitted granite were all made by local masters of their own professions. In Palacio da Bolsa of Porto there are wooden inlaid floors look like Escher-inspired art. The wrought iron chandeliers and metal work throughout the structure are finely crafted.

Each room seems to have its own inspiration. In the main hall of Palácio da Bolsa of Porto, close to the entrance, you will find the sides all the national coats of arms of the closest trading partners of Portugal such as England, Italy, Austria. Germany and many others . At the center of coats of arms you will be covered by a mighty glass roof that gives the impression of being covered in a colossal glass web.

The building was also inspired from the previous buildings. Palácio da Bolsa of Porto was built over the ruins of the convent of

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

St. Fracis Church after a fire destroyed it. Queen Mary II was the one who decided in 1832 to use the spot to build the seat for the Commercial Association that is still now a days in use.

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto was  the headquarters of the stock exchange market during the 19th century.


One of the most important rooms and astonishing, breathe taking that you will find inside is on the top floor near the stairs where you can find the “Arab Room”. The real name of the room is ‘‘Pàtio das Naciones’’ that means in English “courtyard of nations”. The room played a very important role to meet  important people from all over the world. The room is still used today for important events and some times to host some music concerts.

The Arab Room is decorated with in Arab style, to be more specific, with a  Moorish touch of the 1000 a.d. This touch makes you feel inside an Arab atmosphere. It was inspired from the famous Alhambra palace of Granada that contains in it’s structure several carved columns. The  interior is covered with incredibly ornamented Arabic scriptures in gold and with vivid red and blue symbols, leaving barely a centimetre uncovered.

The Palácio da Bolsa of Porto is a true tribute to  the artistic skills of the different craftsman’s that where involved over the years.

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto 3

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

If you have the chance while visiting Porto, we would highly recommend to visit Palácio da Bolsa of Porto and its Arabic room. Words can’t fully describe the beauty and the sensations that Palácio da Bolsa of Porto will give you.

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