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NOS D’bandada festival
You cannot lose this opportunity! On the beginning of September, Nós D’Bandada Festival brings the Portuguese music to Porto’s Downtown!
Nós D’Bandada Festival
NOS D’bandada festival

People from porto on d’bandada invade porto’s downtown!

It’s NOS D’bandada festival! A free event, filled with fun, joy and most important…. Music!! NOS D’Bandada Festival is becoming to be, with only five editions completed, one of the greatest ambassadors of Portuguese music!

Nós D’Bandada Festival

NOS D’Bandada Festival
Photo: Porto Lazer

NOS D’Bandada Festival is, undoubtedly, one of the most fast growing festivals in Portugal. Having already great importance, not only for Porto’ residents, but also to the rest of the people of the country. The accession to this event as grown exponentially year by year, and the tendency it’s to continue that way.

NOS D’Bandada Festival is one of the greatest defenders and boosters of portuguese music, giving the most importance and protagonism to the national product! Being that it doesn’t limit itself to one or two genders of music, wich is one more gain and advantage to the success of this event.

Diversity! Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, Fado, Eletronic music… mostly everything! Nós D’Bandada Festival’s is for everyone. Appropriate to all tastes!

In this event sings not only some of the gratest names of the portuguese music, but also with new projects with great potential and rising artists unknown to common people.

Even if you are a fan of a sentimental rock, or you just love to lift your arm way up high and dance till 5am, or just simply feel the gentle and suffering sound of the Portuguese guitar… Nós D’Bandada Festival is for you.

All of Porto’s downtown welcomes D’bandada!

Nós D’Bandada Festival

NOS D’Bandada Festival
Photo: Publico

There is no doubt of the place where NOS D’Bandada Festival happens… It´s all over the place! In the last edition (2015), all of Porto had to enjoy, by choice, 78 concerts in 21 different stages. And everyone was free of choosing the closer place to enjoy a concert, or the type of music that one likes the most, to make the most out of the 14 hours of non-stop music in Porto!

And to better enjoy some good hours of music and entertainment, you must take this opportunity to well nourish yourself with a great dinner in YOURS Bistro! Never forgetting that there is no place better than YOURS GuestHouse to recover from a night of great fun.

You cannot lose this opportunity! On the beginning of September, NOS D’Bandada Festival brings the Portuguese music to Porto’s Downtown!

Author: Jaime Miguel Moura

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