Find 10 astonishing views of Oporto
Find 10 astonishing views of Oporto

Portugal had been a destination mostly unknown for a good share of travelers, but  in 2012  Oporto won the rewards for the  best tourist destination by the New York Times and again in 2013  one of the destinations chosen to visit in.

Porto also was Top 10 European travel destinations for 2013

For many who want to make the trip of a lifetime, Oporto offers genuine experiences, involving the discovery of a past history, or cultural and contemporary wonderful experiences.

Nowadays Porto offers one of the best experiences for tourism. Use your imaginary to live the second city of Portugal.

Try to see the city using other perspective, if you walk on the streets and taste the flavors of the wonderful Portuguese Gastronomy.  Some examples: watch the  the magnificent Douro river from casa Tait, anchor of the famous Port wine; cross the iconic Ponte d. Luis , visit the baroque churches of heritage, the  contemporary Museum of Serralves or the fantastic Casa da Música.  Those are an unforgettable privilege .

Take a view from the 10 astonishing views of Oporto , Cultural heritage of humanity since

1 – Torre dos clérigos

torre dos clerigos

2 – Funicular dos Guindais

3 – Cable car of Vila Nova de Gaia

4 – Lapa Church

5 – Marquês Church

6 – Helitours

7 – Silo Auto

8 – Portucale Restaurant

9 –  Porto Palácio Vip Lounge

10 – 15º floor of Ipanema Park (Roof top)

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