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Eyes from Sé towards Sé
Eyes from Sé towards Sé

Eyes from Sé towards Sé | José Henrique da Fonseca

Eyes from Sé towards Sé

Views from Yours Vitoria to Sé

Eyes from Sé towards Sé; Click! The sound was almost inaudible but we already knew it, our phone was being tapped. Those were the days of basic technology, and the ability to survey millions was not possible, still our conversation had to be restricted to banalities. However, our wish to discuss governmental censured issues without being overheard, set us in motion in the search of a hidden place.

We had to make reunions with 10 or 12 people to prepare a journal that would try to overcome to breach the difficulties of the censure. Someone suggested, and I don’t recall who, meeting in the hall of Se, since the staircases leading to the Cathedral on a hill of the city were quite narrow impeding easy access without being noticed by us.

Eyes from Sé towards Sé

So, we managed to get a good wide space, where the table for the meetings was the floor and in there we would gather and discuss matters for preparing the articles. After experiencing this meeting office, I don’t envy any meeting room of any great periodical journal. Ours had a magnificent view over the houses of Porto. It is the Sé hall, a big terrace and one of most extraordinary viewpoints (miradouros) over the Unesco World Heritage city of Porto. From there one can see Gaia, the river, and the city up to Foz.

Who would guess that the sightseeing I have today from the house of family members in the Rua da Vitoria, and such a privilege as I mentioned is inverse meaning the Se. My grandson always calls our attention when the lights are turned on: “Grandpa, look at the lights”. The lights in Se by night, as seen from the Cadeia da Relação is the opposite view I appreciated fifty years ago from the Hall of the Cathedral of Porto. Luckily, now from YOURS Porto, I will still be able to enjoy the same view and remember these distant rebellious times.

Eyes from Sé towards Sé

P.S. The journal published 3 numbers that managed to pass unseen to the tight censure analysis. In this Eyes from Sé towards Sé I was going to see my first article published on the 4th issue.



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