Dives in Douro river and the “kids of the river”
Dives in Douro river
Dives in Douro river and the “kids of the river”

Do you know that on D. Luis Bridge lies one of the oldest traditions of Porto?

As in the movie Aniki Bobó from our distinguished  director Manoel de Oliveira the dives on Douro River reflects the adventurous spirit of Porto inhabitants.


The dives on Douro´s River are the reason of many stories.

The dives lead us to discover an ancestral relationship between the inhabitants of the “Ribeira” and iconic elements that stand out in the urban landscape.

The adventure, the risk, the want are transformed into local values, the gastronomy and handicrafts are transformed into heritage.

Porto spreads out into his multiple diversity of landscapes, history, customs and traditions that lived through time and gave people its contemporaneity.

This outdoor museum relies on his core concept, on the creation of images that are interconnect and complement themselves to the present day.

ng2630032_foto de Leobel de castro_Global Imagens

Photography of Leonel de Castro/Global Imagens


Maybe because of the film by “Manoel de Oliveira”, dated on 1942, many others authors were sensitized by this heritage custom and there are many histories about it.

It makes remember the iconic cover of a musical group much appreciated in Porto streets. Considered one of the most important albums of the career of “GNR”, the cover photograph, authored by Beatriz Ferreira illustrates the representation of this experiences and traditions.

That’s why is one of the most used pictures in the “artistic movement” in the city.

“os meninos do Rio” (the river kids)

Certainly, the 34 degrees that last Thursday was felt led to many young people risked a dip in the Douro.

“os meninos do Rio” (the river kids)

This is a “work” of Spaniard Javier Macipe Costa and will very soon be integrated in a short movie that will run in September.

This is likely to be “the Porto biggest business card”!  We know that the casting is open for participating…

ng2630029_ Foto Leonel de Castro, publicada em 2013-06-29

Photography of Leonel de Castro/Global Imagens

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