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Douro Exclusive – Discover the Douro Valley
Douro Exclusive Valley
Douro Exclusive – Discover the Douro Valley

The Douro Exclusive Group is run by Ana and Marco and they are specialized in the Douro Valley region.

For the ones who are eager to discover the secrets that are held by the Douro Valley, with hosts that spent all their lives living there, Ana and Marco will walk you through amazing landscapes that only the locals know how to find.

They will tell you stories of a brave people who became the cornerstones of the oldest wine region in the world to be demarcated and regulated (since 1756). Douro Exclusive will bring you to taste the amazing wines of Porto, DOC Douro and the great cooking! Explore the itinerary according to your own tastes and will.

All the trips are made with a luxury air-conditioned vehicle, and they have different journey experiences that allow you to enjoy the route in the most personalized possible way. Let yourselves be carried away by this fantastic wine region…

 The trips provided are:
  • Silver Experience

Douro Exclusive

Douro Exclusive

With the Silver Experience you will have lunch in a more typical, traditional atmosphere while’ enjoying the dishes of the regional cuisine, just like our mother made it!
This experience will also show you the charms of one of the most beautiful wine-producing villages as we walk through its streets and end the day with a delicious and full tasting of Port Wine.




  • Gold Experience

Douro Exclusive

Douro Exclusive

With the Gold Experience you will also the Douro and national cuisine at the highest level!  Having lunch just above the Douro river, is the perfect combination of landscape, river, wines and signature cuisine of Chef Rui Paula: a unique moment in life !!!
You will also have the opportunity to walk through the stunning grounds of one of the many terraced “Quintas” of the Douro and taste their extraordinary Port. It is a life time experience.


  • Private Experience

Douro Exclusive

Douro Exclusive



A day that it will be just for you, tell them your preferences and they will find an 100% exclusive experience to your needs!




  • Vineyard Lunch Experience

Douro Exclusive

Douro Exclusive


In the Vineyard Picnic Experience you will enjoy a privileged view over the Douro River while eating local snacks: homemade bread, regional sausages, cheeses, home made jams from the farm (Quinta), seasonal fruit and, as you couldn’t possibly miss, a beautiful DOC Douro wine! Choose the place in the Quinta which suits you, grab your picnic basket and … Bon Appetite !!! However this experience should be booked with 48 hours prior notice.



If you are interested to visit the region where the famous Port Wine is produced and have a memorable tour in the Valley, Douro Exclusive is the best to guide you there and provide you with a day full of life time experiences.

Check their website for more information:

You can buy your tickets in YOURS GuestHouse Porto and enjoy great conditions.


2 Responces in Douro Exclusive – Discover the Douro Valley
Ken Schaefer says:

Interested in guided wine tour 3-4 winery’s in Douro Valley
We have two days 5-20 and 5-21
love to hear what you have do for us

January 30, 2018 at 20:22
André Amorim says:

sorry for the delay,
I cannot unserstand the days that you need? 5/20? Is 20 of May?
All the best!

March 5, 2018 at 11:59

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