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Know more about Clérigos Tower
torre dos clérigos
Know more about Clérigos Tower

Learn more about the Clérigos Tower, the symbol of the city of Porto.

It is impossible to speak of the city of Porto without mentioning Clérigos Tower, considered by the generality  as the “ex libris” of the Invicta city. Classified since 1910 as National Monument, it is in fact one of the landmarks of the country when it comes to symbols of this.

Located on the clérigos street, the tower was the last building of the set of “Buildings of Clérigos”, which included a church and an infirmary.

Clérigos Tower

Inside clérigos church, Source: viaje comigo.

Taking advantage of the land that had been left over from the construction of the infirmary, the construction of the clerical tower begun in 1754. Designed by the Italian Nicolau Nasoni, it was planned to build two towers, which were never completed.

Built with granite and marble and decorated in the Baroque style, with carvings of saints and various ornaments, the tower is six stories high and 75 meters high. It was at the time of its construction, the highest building of Portugal!

Torre dos Clérigos fonte: Pinterest

Clérigos Tower Source: Pinterest

On the first floor it contains a door with an image of St. Paul placed on top, which was curiously the last element that finalized the construction of the Clérigos Tower. On the six floors above, the thickness of the granite walls is noticeable, reaching on the first floor the two meters. On the top floor, which is more compressed and decorated, stand out the bulging windows and the four clock counters.

For its baroque beauty, grandeur and importance, the Clérigos Tower is a must for any tourist visiting the city of Porto.

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Ticket office:

Day ticket office: (09h-19h / 9am-7pm)
Tower + Museum: 4€
Guided tour of Museum + Church + Tower: 6€

NIght ticket office: (19h-23h / 7pm-11pm)
Tower: 5€

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