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Top 10 Churches in Porto
Igrejas do Porto - Sé
Top 10 Churches in Porto

Churches in Porto – Today’s topic to start this Monday with a top suggestion when visiting Porto. Delight yourself with the beauty and history of Porto’s most beautiful churches.

  • S. Francisco

Churches in Porto - S.Francisco


Located in Rua do Infante D. Henrique, 4050-297 Porto,  construction began in 1244, when it was originally designed as a modest temple of small dimensions.  However, it was in the reign of the King D. Fernando in the 15th century that the main building work continued as it remains today. In the centuries that followed, the church became the object of several artistic influences, the main one being the baroque period, during which time renovation work gave the temple its current status as a church lined with gold. This gold came from Brazil, a Portuguese colony at the time.

  • Carmo and Carmelitas

Churches in Porto - Capela das Almas

Carmo e Carmelitas

Located in Praça Carlos Alberto 32, 4050-157 Porto, The Carmo Church, with its baroque/rococo style, was built in the second half of the 18th century by the Order of Carmelites. The stone facade presents a rectangular entrance, flanked by two religious sculptures of the prophets Elias and Eliseu. The side elevation is covered in tiles, representing scenes allusive to the Carmelite Order. Its interior is characterized by its gilded wood carvings in the lateral chapels, and in the high altar, and by its many oil paintings.

  • Cathedral

Churches in Porto - Sé


Located in Terreiro da Sé – 4050-573 Porto, Located on the top of the “Pena Ventosa”, in the heart of the old town, Sé Cathedral is part of Porto’s Historic centre, a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996 and one of Portugal’s finest cathedrals. Its construction began in the second half of the 12th Century and was originally a building that exemplified Roman architecture, taking about one hundred years to be built. Later, during the gothic period, a funeral chapel and cloisters were added. However, it was in the middle of the baroque period in the 18th Century, under the instructions of the Italian architect, Nicolau Nasoni, that the principal alterations were made.  Sé Cathedral is thus a mix of three great architectural styles. If you have the chance to visit only one Church while in Porto, YOURS GuestHouse recommends you to visit this.

  • Clérigos Tower

Churches in Porto - Clérigos


Located in Rua dos Clérigos, 4050-204 Porto, Cérigos Tower is among the works produced in the north of Portugal by the well-known Tuscan architect, Nicolau Nasoni, Clerigos Tower Church, built in the 18th century, is not only his oldest documented building, but also the most famous. Images of the virtues of the Virgin Mary are clearly displayed in the church’s iconography, dedicated since its foundation to Our Lady of the Assumption.  A must visit, together with the Clérigos Tower, the most emblematic  monument in Porto, a magnificent construction of 75m in height and 240 spiral steps, leading you to a sightseeing spot at the top where you will find an amazing view of the city, you can even see the Ocean from there! How cool is that? If you are interested you can buy your ticket in YOURS GuestHouse to climb to the top of it.

  • Capela das Almas

Churches in Porto - Capela das Almas

Capela das Almas

Located in 428, Rua da Santa Catarina, Porto, Portugal, Capela das Almas (literally, the Chapel of Souls) it is often referred to as the Chapel of Santa Catarina. The exterior walls of the edifice are virtually entirely covered with blue and white ceramic tiles which depict scenes like the Death of Saint Francis of Assis and the Martyrdom of Santa Catarina (the chapel being dedicated to Santa Catarina). The tile work was made in the first half of the 20th century (1929) by Eduardo Leite, and what is worth noting in his respect is the artist splendidly mimicked the classic style of the 18th century, following closely the guidelines of the trend.

  • Congregados

Churches in Porto - Capela das Almas

Congregados Church

Located just on the side of S.Bento Train Station, the church is dedicated to Saint Anthony, who was born in the 12th century and became a Franciscan priest. The building was constructed during the late part of the 17th century and it replaced the original church which stood on this land for several hundred years.
The current church was designed by the popular and world renowned architect of the time, Joaquim Jaime B. Ferreira-Alves. The facade has elegant Baroque features including the fabulous tile work, created by the famed artisans, Jorge Colaço and João Baptista Ribeiro. The tile work tells the story of St. Anthony and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  • Lapa

Churches in Porto - Lapa


Situated in Largo da Lapa, 4050-069 Porto, the church’s began in the second half of the eighteenth century, but the Neoclassical style building went through minor modifications over time. It belongs to the Brotherhood of Nossa Senhora da Lapa, which was established in 1755. Inside, the church keeps the heart of King Pedro IV. It was given by the monarch who was keen to leave it to the city of Porto as a way to recognize the support that its population provided during the Portuguese Civil War. The heart of Dom Pedro IV is kept inside an urn that opens with five keys and crafted to resemble the original urn that transported the organ to the city. It is examined every 10 years to check its condition and it was last seen in 2009. The Portuguese writers Camilo Castelo Branco and Soares de Passos are buried in the Lapa Cemetery, contiguous to the church. A church with an incredible history, it is a must see when visiting Porto.

  • S. Nicolau

Churches in Porto - S.Nicolau


Located in Rua do Infante D. Henrique 93, 4050-297 Porto, the church is very representative of the city’s religious architecture of the late eighteenth century. It was built in 1758 after a fire destroyed an older medieval church. The façade is Neoclassical with some Baroque elements. In the nave of the building, notice the Rococo gilt wood work, and the altarpiece of Saint Elói, patron saint of goldsmiths. In the sacristy, various works of art and pieces of jewelry are exhibited.


  • Farol de S. Miguel o Anjo

Churches in Porto - Farol de S.Miguel o Anjo

Lighthouse of S.Miguel o Anjo

Located in Rua do Passeio Alegre 494 , with 7 meters tall it is the oldest lighthouse in Portugal. The bishop D. Miguel da Silva ordered its construction in 1527 to help navigation. The maintenance of the lighthouse was achieved by taxes charged to those who entered Douro. Below the window facing the river, is the Latin sentence “I wish you come back safe and sound”.


  • Massarelos

Churches in Porto - Massarelos


Located in Largo do Adro, this church was founded by a fishing guild (Brotherhood of Souls do Corpo Santo Massarelos) in the seventeenth century. It’s also known as the church of San Pedro Gonçalves Telmo, by the great representation of him in oil to the left of the front door. It has a single nave, the roof is flanked by 2 bell towers and clock and the rear facade is decorated with a mural of tiles, making it distinctive from the banks of the Douro.


These are YOURS GuestHouse top churches to see when you are in Porto by the beauty, location and above all by the history they tell us.

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