Cheap Porto: Yours GuestHouse Guide to Porto
Cheap Porto - Porto
Cheap Porto: Yours GuestHouse Guide to Porto

If you are hosted in Yours GuestHouse Porto and you would like to visit Porto in a fun but cheap way you can count on YOURS favorite GuestHouse to help you find the Cheap Porto.

With our partners’ network we can offer you special conditions when acquiring services from these tourist services providers:


  • BlueBus City Tours:

Cheap Porto - Blue Bus

Blue Bus

With BlueBus you can choose the perfect way to explore the city of Porto according to your needs. Choose between one of our 3 available tours:

– 24 Hours

The 24 Hours Tour on the BlueBus’ buses allows you to explore Porto within a carefull chosen circuit that will take you through the city center while exploring all the buildings and monuments that are part of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.


– 48 Hours

The 48 Hours Tour allows you to explore, visit and know the history of the city of Porto. This hop-on, hop-off tour is the perfect way to explore the city at your pace and discover what makes it one of the most attractive touristic destinations worldwide.

You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.


– 48 Hours BlueBus + BlueBoat Tours


This combined ticket allows you to experience both a sightseeing tour on BlueBus’ buses and a river sightseeing cruise with BlueBoats. With this option you can discover Porto both by land as by river and experience the amazing views the city has to offer.

You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.


  • BlueBoat Tours:

Cheap Porto - Blue Boat

Blue Boat Tours

– Bridges Cruise

The “6 bridges” cruise gives you the opportunity to admire the old city of Porto, with its typical houses and the hustle and bustle of the Ribeira people, while admiring the architecture of the bridges that connect the two river banks.

“Carlota Douro” and “Catarina the Douro” are the two vessels inspired in the traditional Rabelo boats that perform daily routes of 60 minutes at the waterfront of the Porto (Cruise of Bridges). The Boat Cruise includes audio guides in 16 languages.

You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.


  • Graham’s Port Lodge

Cheap Porto - Graham's

Graham’s Cellars

W & J Graham’s magnificent 1890 Lodge is situated on a commanding ridge in Vila Nova de Gaia across the Douro River from Porto and only a few hundred metres from the river’s south bank.

It affords spectacular views of Porto’s historic city centre and the iconic two-tier bridge that connects the two cities of Oporto and Gaia. The entire Lodge has been recently renovated by the Symington family and all its original features restored. Visitors to the Graham’s Lodge can experience the best of three centuries of craftsmanship and heritage.

Graham’s is still a working cellar. No visit to the Lodge will pass without hearing the sounds of the Coopers’ hammers or seeing the lodgemen collecting samples for the tasting room. The building currently houses over 2,000 pipes (oak casks) and 40 tonels and balseiros (large oak vats) of ageing Port wine, as well as extensive cellars of Vintage Port, ageing in bottle.

The granite walls, over half a metre thick, combined with the maritime climate ensure a constant, cool temperature, ideal for the slow ageing of Port. The high ceiling is still supported by the original Riga Pine beams and the beautiful nineteenth century exterior remains intact.

The renovated Graham’s 1890 Lodge was inaugurated by the President of Portugal in March 2013. It has already become a landmark for the promotion and experience of Port in Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto and the rest of Europe.

Make your reservation to visit the Port Wine Cellers with Yours GuestHouse.


  • World of Discoveries

Cheap Porto - World of Discoveries

World of Discoveries

The WORLD OF DISCOVERIES is an Interactive Museum and Theme Park that re-enacts the fantastic odyssey of the Portuguese navigators, crossing oceans to discover a previously unknown world.

The Discoveries propelled mankind into the era of globalisation and definitively changed our relationship with the planet.

Portugal played a leading role in this process for centuries, creating new maritime routes and circulating people, animals and plants all around the world.

Here you can learn about this incredible meeting of cultures and the ambition, ideas, endeavour and innovation that made it possible. Take yourself on an adventure that changed the world, visiting our twenty permanent theme areas.

Top off your visit at the Mundo de Sabores restaurant: a culinary voyage where you can try out exotic delicacies and delicious food from Portugal, Africa, India, China, Japan and Brazil.

Finally, why not take a timeless souvenir with you that you can find at the ?Sphera Mundi? shop, which has a wide array of original articles alluding to the discoveries on offer.

Jump onboard in the city where Henry the Navigator was born, the man who gave new worlds to the world.

How big the Empire is! So many seas crossed, so many dangers overcome, so many discoveries made!? in Caravelas, Sailing Ships, the Golden Century of the Portuguese Navigators, Olivier Ikor.

Buy your ticket with YOURS GuestHouse Porto and you will enjoy cheaper prices than in the shop.

  • TUKing People

Cheap Porto - Tuk Tuk

Tuking People

– Tuk it Easy

Feel the Historical Center – World Heritage. Buy your ticket with YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk and Friends

Take 3 friends with you and pay less. Ask for more information in YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk and River

Enjoy a Tuk Tuk ride plus a cruise in the Douro River. Buy your ticket with YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk UP in the Sky

Enjoy a Tuk Tuk ride plus a trip in the cable car. Ask for more information in YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk around 360º

A joint river cruise plus the City Sightseeing Bus and the cable car together with the Tuk Tuk ride makes your weekend in Porto perfect. Buy your ticket with YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk and Food

A Tuk Tuk ride and after a Lunch or Dinner near the river at a historical restaurant makes a perfect romantic getaway. Ask for more information in YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk and Tower

Tuk Tuk ride plus a visit to the Clérigos Tower. Buy your ticket with YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk by Night

A Tuk Tuk ride at night. Enjoy Porto’s lights and its romantic features. Ask for more information in YOURS GuestHouse.

– Tuk all City

Leave nothing to visit with a combination of every service we have to offer. Buy your ticket with YOURS GuestHouse.



We wish you a pleasant stay in Porto.

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