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Best underground places in Porto
best underground places in Porto
Best underground places in Porto

We offer you 6 new tips about the best underground places in porto where you can go.

On a trip to Porto, it can be useful a lot of tips about places in Porto. However, for those who are a bit more curious and would like to try new things… try the best underground places in Porto.



Located on the Caldeireiros street, the restaurant YOURS Bistrô proudly offers a different dinner to its customers, welcoming them with a fantastic Fado show. In addition to a varied menu and service efficacy, those who visit this restaurant can still enjoy a fantastic garden esplanade while listening to the show. Carla Cortez and her guitar players will do the rest.

Fado is a Immaterial World Heritage of Humanity, and you can listen to it while enjoying a delicious meal, at YOURS Bistrô. This is why this is one of the 6 best underground places in Porto.

Adress: Rua dos Caldeireiros 135.



The Pinguim cafe and  bar is a welcoming place, located on the 67 Belomonte street, which surprises us with the “Mondays of Poetry”, that take place every Monday at 11:30 p.m., in the Cave of the Pinguim, which many call Cave of Words. The first meeting took place in 1988, directed by Joaquim Castro Caldas and currently we count on the “management” of Rui Spranger, a Portuguese actor. Besides the poetry, being that all the visitors are invited to participate freely and to share their favorite poems, the music also wins place in these nights with the musical accompaniment of Rui David.

For sure, Pinguin Café is one of the best underground places in Porto to visit by all those who enjoy poetry, good atmosphere with the company of a glass of Douro wine while enjoying the magic of words.

Adress: Rua de Belomonte 67. Look for it here.

best underground places in porto

Poesia de Ló


If the “Mondays of Poetry” timetable at the Pinguim Café is not the most pleasant, we suggest a visit to Casa de Ló, a bar located at Travessa de Cedofeita, on Wednesdays at 9:45 pm, where every week there is an event called “Poesia de Ló” (“Ló Poetry”), managed by  another actor, Ismael Calliano. The musical accompaniment is ensured by the most diverse musicians of the Porto context, counting on the presence of other guests.

Once again, it is a session of poetry that cuts through the formalities expected in this type of event. Everyone present is invited to share the poems in a familiar context. Undoubtedly, an activity to point out in our list of the best underground places in Porto.

Adress: Travessa de Cedofeita 20-A. More information on Facebook

 best underground places in Porto

Sunday Music


Another place of our list of the best underground places in Porto is La Bohème, located in the Galleries of Paris, which, also in its brightly decorated basement, features a musical event every Sunday night, in which the main role is taken by Rui David. A place to visit for the lovers of quality music that can count on the most varied snacks available.

Adress: Galeria de Paris 40. More on Facebook

best underground places in Porto

V5 – Jazz Jam Sessions


V5 is a space with a pleasant dimension and quality customer service, to be visited  by those who enjoy a night out where the selection of music is well cared for, escaping from what can be found, for example, in the Galleries area. You can also count on jazz sessions that take place on the days indicated by the organisation on Facebook.

Adress: Rua dos Mártires da Liberdade 216/218. 

Mon Père

 best underground places in Porto

Mon Pere – Fashion Store

Running away from the corner of the room, we think we must promote Mon Père, a clothing and accessories store located in Conceição street in our underground Porto, which offers an abundance of items for those who like to risk in their wardrobe. The quality of service as well as the articles exposed are fully assured, so it is a place to visit if you are looking to invest in a different image.

Adress: Rua da Conceição 80. Go visit it on Facebook

We hope you had enjoyed our selection of the best underground places to visit Porto. If you want to go deeper at late night don’t forget places like Gare and Tendinha for clubbing!

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