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Atelier do Sabão
Atelier do Sabão
Atelier do Sabão

YOURS GUESTHOUSE uses the soaps from Atelier do Sabão.

The soaps from Atelier do Sabão are an example of the products that we trust to our customers, because they are handmade and have great quality and purity of the ingredients it uses.

Atelier do Sabão YOURS GuestHouse

Using 100% natural ingredients,100% olive oil, extra virgin oils and only vegetable oils, essences and natural dyes. It also introduces several references: herbal and cereal species such as oatmeal, wheat germ, marigold seeds, poppy, honey, lavender, rose hips, clays, etc. Atelier do Sabão also makes soap with goat’s milk, soy milk and coconut milk.

Atelier do Sabão YOURS GuestHouse

YOURS recommends Atelier do Sabão products because these are suitable for various types of skin: moisturizing, dry skin, exfoliating, relaxing. That’s why they are segmented by various product categories.

There are special editions for various private or corporate events, such as the example of YOURS GuestHouse that has a unique soap for sale in YOURS STORE. The production is performed by Nathalie Moreira who graduated in Food Engineer with Masters and PhD in Biotechnology. Atelier do Sabãocombines the quality and image of the product, always looking for an attractive design of the final product.

Atelier do Sabão YOURS GuestHouse

YOURS STORE is a selling point indicated by the mark for the sale of various products.

To be able to purchase the products of Atelier do Sabão please contact:

Vai a


Tel: +(351) 222033082

Mobile: +(351)917188402

Photos: by Atelier do Sabão

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