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5 Best Sights of Porto
5 Best Sights of Porto

Do you want to know which are the 5 Best Sights of Porto, take a look at what Beatriz Maia found out:


5 Best Sights of Porto

Yours Bistro – 5 Best Sights

If you want to taste traditional Portuguese food with good wine and an exterior esplanade, choose Yours Bistrô because is one of the 5 Best Sights of Porto. Is also known for being one of the best Restaurants in Porto and for having one of the best sights over Porto.

With a sunny terrace, YOURS Bistrô is the place to be if you want to cherish some quality time amongst your family and friends.

Their specialty is “Tajine”, a delicious fusion between Mediterranean food and traditional Portuguese flavors. You should definitely try it.

That privileged sight makes Yours Bistrô one of the 5 Best Sights of Porto.

Yours Bistro has the perfect location: in the heart of the city. Is located in Rua dos Caldeireiros 135, Porto.
Open Days:  everyday from 8:30am until 4pm. From Wednesday until Saturday from 7:30pm until 11:30pm. Sunday open from 8:30 am until 11am.  Check here.


Passeio das Virtudes is one of the most romantic places in Porto, with a sight that even makes the coldest ones fall in love. Is known to be one of the 5 Best Sights of Porto. If you’re tired of all the city fuss, Passeio das Virtudes is the perfect place to relax, read a book and have fun with your loved ones.

5 Best Sights of Porto

Jardins das Virtudes – 5 Best Sights

Downtown you can find the Virtudes Garden, a historical place with a fabulous sight over Douro River and the Port Wine Cellars. In front of that garden you can take a glimpse of Passeio das Virtudes, where many enjoy a majestic sunset. I’ll advice you to take some drinks and snacks.
Is a place with an easy access and with a parking lot near the location. Is the place to go nowadays and it’s open until you feel like leaving.
Passeio das Virtudes, 4050-629 Porto



5 Best Sights of Porto

Palácio-de-Cristal-5 Best Sights

The gardens of Palácio de Cristal come together to make one of the 5 Best Sights in Porto. They are displayed circularly which provides everyone that goes there the most amazing panoramic sights over the city, Gaia and Douro River, highlighting the Arrábida Bridge.

The gardens welcome you to see every nooks and crannies, it includes the “Rosa Mota Sports Center”, the National Library and the Romantic Gardens.  While you’re there you can eat an ice cream or have a coffee at one of the small shops available.

Its privilege location with an innumerous small sights allows you to have Douro River in the background at all times. Perfect for amazing photos with the family. Rua de D. Manuel II, Porto; Open every day from 8am until 9pm.

Wall’s of the City – Muralha Fernandinas

5 Best Sights of Porto

Muralha-Fernandina-5 Best Sights

Although is not the first pick for many who visit Porto,  the Wall’s of Porto is definitely one of the 5 Best Sights in Porto. There are several, but the best, less touristic is the one that appears on the left side of D.Luís Bridge. From the top of it, you can see everything from the Douro River until its end.
The entrance access is from the Santa Clara Church, one of the best type of Barroco construction of Porto. The visit to the wall is not so commun because you can see the Wall from the top board of D.Luís Bridge or if you travel by Guindais Funicular.

Largo 1º de Dezembro, 4050-146 Porto, from Monday to Friday until 5pm.


5 Best Sights of Porto

Bar-Ignez-5 Best Sights

With a breathtaking view, Ignez Sight is located on a renovated building on Ignez neighborhood that opened on the 11th of August of 2016. Between drinks and snacks, anyone that visits it can’t deny the inspiration of a sight that never goes to waist, no matter how many times we’ve seen it. With an outside bar and a marvelous sight to one of the most iconic views of Porto, Ignez Sight feels like a rooftop over the Douro.
Situated in Rua da Restauração, 252 – Porto, has an amazing location for those taking who walk or by car. Open every day from 10am until midnight (Fridays and Saturdays until 2am).

So just start walking and discover the 5 best sights of Porto.

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