5 Best Markets near Porto
5 Best Markets near Porto
5 Best Markets near Porto

People who visit Portugal cannot leave without trying our amazing food, that’s only amazing because of our fresh and quality products.

If you want to find out where you can buy and eat the freshest products near Porto, stay tuned because Beatriz Maia went to find them out for you. Take a look:

Bolhão Market

5 Best Markets near Porto

Bolhão Market – 5 Best Markets near Porto

Even before Yours Porto existed, Amorim family already bought their products at Bolhão Market. And why? Because there you can find the freshest products and with the most diversity in the city. Is without any doubt one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto.

Divided in 4 sections: fish, butcher, florist and fruits, the most iconic market in the city is the place where farmers and producers get together to sell their best and freshest products. Everyone who enters can’t unnoticed the characteristic sound of the sellers loudly screaming who has the best and freshest fish, trying to call the clients attention to their bench. Some say that’s the truth spirit of Porto.

And why Bolhão, you ask: back in 1839, when the land was bought to create the future market, there was a huge air bubble forming at the local and so, the owners thought it was appropriate to call the market big bubble (Bolhão in Portuguese).

Nowadays, there are some restaurant on the bottom floor, cheap and made from the products that are sell in the market. On the other hand, the big secret to find the best of the best is to be a regular. So don’t waste any time and go to Rua Formosa and visit this amazing market. It’s opened from Mondays to Fridays from 7am until 5pm and Saturdays from 7am until 1pm.

Foz do Douro Market

5 Best Markets near Porto

Foz do Douro Markets – 5 Best Market near Porto

For the music, food and good time lovers, the Foz do Douro Market is the place for you. Almost completing 72 years of existence, the Foz do Douro Market, recently renovated, brings to the community and to those who visit, an unique experience. For that reason, Foz do Douro Market is one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto.

The opening of the new Foz do Douro Market represented a turning point for the community, bringing a lot of new shoppers to fill the spaces. It became a more urban space, where fresh and gourmet products, small restaurants and stores live in perfect harmony. During summer, the market embraces musical events, like, Summer at the Market, bringing tons of people to the local.

Its the perfect place for fresh fish, eat a snack like cheese and smoked sausage. It’s located at Rua de Diu, Porto and it’s opened Monday to Friday from 7am until 3pm.

Matosinhos Market

5 Best Markets near Porto

Matosinhos Market – 5 Best Markets near Porto

The smell of fried sardines is characteristic from this market, as well as the traditions of always having fresh fish at their benches. For those reasons, Matosinhos Market is one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto.

Matosinhos Market is knowned for its fish and for being located at a fishermen area, right next to the sea. But not only by fish does this market lives. The amazing and live color of the fruits, veggies and flowers bring the white walls of the market to life.

After opening many stores and art galleries, the Matosinhos Market opened many restaurants that celebrate the markets fresh products and it opened a Design incubator, a space where young minds, creatives and entrepreneurs work on new projects. Also, during the year, Matosinhos Market has many cooking workshops and night life events.

It’s located at Rua França Júnior, Matosinhos and it’s opened Mondays from 7am until 1pm, from Tuesdays until Fridays from 6:30am until 6pm and Saturdays from 6:30 am until 1pm.

Angeiras Market

5 Best Markets near Porto

Angeiras Market – 5 Best Markets near Porto

Going to the Angeiras Market in a good Saturday morning plan, and why? Because there is something about watching the fishermen arrive from see with their nets full of fish that awakes out senses. That’s why Angeiras Market is one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto.

Angeiras Market is knowned for the quality and quantity of its fish and seafood. Those who buy it their say that if you want real fish, Angeiras is the place. It’s also common to hear the fishermen wives screaming “Bibinha, Bibinha!!” (It’s Alive!!), like the sardines arrival was a birth.

Like sardine and seafood are very abundant in that area, many restaurants opened around the market, just to make sure they have the freshest fish.

It’s located at Avenida da Praia de Angeiras and it’s opened from Sunday to Monday from 7am until 1pm and from Tuesdays to Saturdays from 7am until 5pm.

Afurada Market

5 Best Markets near Porto

Afurada Market – 5 Best Markets near Porto

Fish with simplicity and mastery. Some of the words that characterize the Afurada Market, so, without any question asked, Afurada Market is one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto.

After years of remodeling, Afurada Market was born from the ashes to live some good and long years. Filled with tradition, this market is located at a close community of fishermen and their wives, that leave their boats locked at sea and their clothes drying at riverside. Since the market is next to the public washhouse, the community goes there to wash their clothes. It’s a tradition that they don’t miss for anything. If you pass there you can hear the conversations, them laughing and in good mood.

It’s located at Rua da Praia, Vila Nova de Gaia and it’s opened everyday.

Now that you know which markets to visit to make sure you buy the best and freshest products of the city, don’t waste any time, pick up your bag and go shopping.

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