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Manuela Mendes da Silva
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Manuela Mendes da Silva


About Manuela Mendes da Silva …


Maria Manuela Mendes da Silva was born in Porto and graduated in Art by Fine Arts University of Porto.

She taught art lessons between 1971 and 2006. She started her professional career as a painter in 1966. Member of the Fine Arts National Society, she is represented in the “European Art Museum”.

The filme “In My Atelier in Porto”, directed by Álvaro Queirós, is about her work and is part of the archives of the Portuguese cinemateque.

She has multiples references in national and international books and her collections are presented in Portugal and abroad, mostly in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dubai, São Paulo, Paris, Brussels and Tokyo.

Manuela Mendes da Silva

Manuela Mendes da Silva


Telephone: +351 966051305


You can see the colection of paintings at YOURS GuestHouse Porto.

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