10 best places to go out in Porto
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10 best places to go out in Porto
10 best places to go out in Porto

This article results from a poll between friends and colegues from Porto University to choose the 10 best places to go out in Porto

All of us wanted to go out at night and asked ourselves “Where should I go out clubbing?”. We did a small list of the mainstream places in the rough night of Porto to try and help the most undecided people !

1. Eskada

10 best places to go out in Porto


It’s a nightclub that has multiple choices from which we can choose.

It has a dance track, VIP areas with private DJs, an exterior space with a lounge mood. It has a contemporary and sofisticated decoration. It opens by midnight on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Address: Rua da Alegria, 611 ; +351 915 932 806



2. Piolho 

10 best places to go out in Porto


It’s one of the most well known bars in Porto, it’s a reference to the people of Porto. For students, artists, young and old people, all the people go to Piolho to drink and eat the best in Porto. It’s the place in Porto which sells more pressure beer. It’s closed on Sunday but it opens every other day of the week 7:00-2:00.

Address: Praça de Parada Leitão 45 ; 222 003749



3. Pitch


10 best places to go out in Porto


It’s perfect for long nights with friends where we can dance listening to alternative sounds and live concerts. It has two floors, on the first floor we can find a bar with a DJ and on second floor there is a club (based on the London mood and clubs). The bar works from Tuesday to Saturday starting by 22h, meanwhile the dance floor it’s open from Friday to Saturday, working from 24h to 6h.

Address: Rua Passos Manuel, 34 ; +351 222 012 349



4. Boulevard

10 best places to go out in Porto


It’s a great place to dance and they also serve meals. It’s open from Monday to Thursday, working from 18h to 2h. But on Friday and Saturday they’re open from 18h to 6h.

Address: dos Aliados, 58





5. Hard Club

10 best places to go out in Porto


It’s a multidisciplinary stage where we can have a awesome journey. Since music, movies, workshops and conference, art, sociocultural activities, turistic activities. They have show rooms, disco club, recording studios, esplanada exterior e interior, bookstore and lounge. It works to Tuesday to Sunday das 11h to 24h, on Monday it’s close.

Address: Mercado Ferreira Borges, 4050-252 Porto ; +351 707100021



6. Gare

They have a lobby to dance and a private lounge with couches and a “wine bar”. We can listen since tecno, house, rock and reggae. ATTENTION: at 2h30 it starts getting filled of people; at 3h30 it’s already totally full of people; at 4h30 full capacity.

Address: Rua da Madeira, 182 4000-300 ; +351 222017512


 7. Plano B


10 best places to go out in Porto

Plano B

The interior divides itself in several spaces, rooms with DJ’s, concert rooms, exposition rooms, several bars and zones with couches and chairs. This local it’s a reference.

Address: Rua Cândido dos Reis, 30



8. Maus Hábitos

It’s an alternative space with coffee bar, music, theater, veggie restaurante, balcony and photograph. Urban ambience where we can listen to experimental and urban sounds, it has a multitask space which invests on culture and where we can give wings to our creative side. Monday to Friday the restaurant works from 12h30 to 15h, and the bar works from 22h to 2h.

Address: Rua de Passos Manuel, 178 – 4º andar ; 222 087 268


9. Porto Tónico


10 best places to go out in Porto

Porto Tónico

It’s a bar where we can have good moments after work, they serve drinks inspired on porto wine. Pop and rock music from the 70s to our current time. It has two areas, a lounge area and a dance floor wiht DJ’s. It has a cool ambience and it is a modern space. It works from Monday to Saturday starting 17h to 2h.

Address: Rua Cândido dos Reis, 96


10. Adega Leonor

10 best places to go out in Porto

Adega Leonor

It’s a favorite to the most part of the university students with academics prices. The decoration of the place is made with signatures and thoughts of people who passed by and wished to do so. It works from Monday to Saturday starting 21h to 2h.

Address: Rua Campo Mártires da Pátria, 60 ; 933 765 837




In my opinion the two best places between this ten that I’m considering it’s “Piolho” and Boulevard.

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