Rua das Flores – Porto

With this name, “Rua das Flores” had to have a story related with the flora of Porto. The name,”Rua das Flores”, was given because of the flourishing  gardens full of flowers that used to exist where the street was open. Those gardens belong to the Porto Bishop, “D.Pedro Álvares da Costa”, who initially, because of his huge devotion to “Santa Catarina de Alexandria”, gave the name of “Santa Catarina das Flores” to the actual “Rua das Flores”. His importance was mostly because, it was the first time in the urban city history, that a street was built according to rules and under a precise regulation related with the kind of housing to build, forcing to a regularization of street margins, in order to allow the good visibility of the house fronts. “Rua das Flores” got a strong elitist character, at that time. Another reason for the extreme visibility of the street, was a crime, that the locals say happen there, committed by a Doctor, Urbino de Freitas, accused of killing his nephews with poisoned almonds, in order to inherit a valuable fortune. This sad history, for being so remarkable, originated a romance by António Rebordão Navarro. Despite that, nowadays, is still […]

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Cheap Porto: Yours GuestHouse Guide to Porto

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