1 Day in Porto

When you only have one day in a city like Porto, full of venues and history to show, have you ever wonder “1 Day in Porto – What should I visit?” Here you have our suggestion to 1 day in Porto! The best option to stay in, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! “Sé Catedral do Porto”, a building from the XII to XIII century, known for the architecture with roman-gothic features. It is a short walk of 7 minutes from YOURS GuestHouse Porto. Schedule: 09h00 am – 19h00 pm Museum and Cloister: 09h00 am – 18h30 pm (summer)                 Reache “Ribeira” using the “Sé Catedral” stairs, where you can take a close look to the “Muralha Fernandina”. “Ribeira” is one of the main tourist attraction points, is an ideal place to take incredible pictures to the landscape, thanks to the excellent views over the Douro river!   Don’t forget to see the D.Luís I bridge, made in iron filigree, drafted by the engineer Théophile Seyrig. You can […]

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5 best cities to visit near Porto

In this article we chose some suggestions of 5 Best Cities to visit near Porto. Braga Braga is one of the best cities to visit near Porto. It is a city of Roman origin (“Bracara Augusta”) created in the 16 century A.C. in honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Braga is the “Minho’s Capital” and the 3rd largest Portuguese city. As an old city it has magnificent buildings, from different centuries and styles, but also diverse natural landscapes. In addition to the wealth of the Culture you can also find very typical and historical food. Including awarded food (one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese gastronomy) as Caldo Verde (cabbage soup with “chouriço” accompanied with cornbread). If you are hosted inYOURS GuestHouse Porto it is very easy to travel to Braga. You Just need take a train (you have at least one hour by hour) in the São Bento station next toYOURS GuestHouse Porto with a low price (3.20 € per trip) and the duration of the journey is approximately 1h15minutes. When you return back YOURS GUESTHOUSE is also a good choice to rest! Braga is therefore one of the best cities to visit if you are coming and staying […]

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