Douro Cruise

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Portugal, there are several Douro cruise options available. In one day you can discover part of the beauty of the Douro River, which rises in the province of Sória (Spain) and ends in the cities of Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia (Portugal). Spanning about 895 kilometers, it is the third longest river in the Iberian Peninsula, though only the stretch in Portugal is navigable. In days of yore, it was considered a dangerous river and only ‘rabelo’ boats were able to sail through it. Now it is totally safe, as its 5 dams make it possible to control river flows (and produce electricity). Most Douro cruises set off from Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia towards Peso da Régua or Pinhão. The estates that have been producing excellent Portuguese wines for more than 2,000 years – including the famous Port Wine – are located In the winegrowing region of Alto Douro. Alto Douro was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2001, under the cultural landscape category. Douro Cruise routes Douro cruise routes Most Douro cruises set off from Porto or Vila Nova de Gaia […]

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Casa da Música

Casa da Música: Art’s official abode in Porto Casa da Música hosts all sorts of music shows, theater plays, comedy performances, and workshops. Every month, a carefully curated program brings you a rich cultural universe. But it’s impossible not to talk about the building’s impressive architecture. Spanning almost 40,000 square meters, Casa da Música has become one of the city’s icons and major art venues. The idea In 1998, Porto and Rotterdam were selected as the 2001 European Culture Capitals – the perfect opportunity for an innovative project that would bring something unique to the city. An architecture tender was launched the following year, with 26 applicants. The works The chosen site was Avenida da Boavista, more precisely Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square. This meant that the project would have a significant urban impact, as it required the demolition of Porto’s derelict Trams Terminal Station. In spite of the ensuing debate, an analysis concluded that the new building’s historic and heritage value, as well as the renovation of the area around Mouzinho de Albuquerque Square, would be much more beneficial to the city. Porto would thus have its ‘house of music’. The winner was Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas, who was born […]

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Porto Marathon

Porto Marathon is waiting for you! Since several years ago, thousands of running enthusiasts have been meeting in Porto for one of the country’s biggest events – Porto Marathon. And things won’t be different in 2017: the 14th Porto Marathon is scheduled for November 5, and about 15,000 people are expected to participate. There will be three routes: 1 – Porto Marathon’s main event, 42.195 Km; 2 – Family Race, 15 Km; 3 – Fun Race, a 6 Km walk for people of all ages.   Registrations for the Porto Marathon are open and if you want to participate in this event, you can register online on or at the ‘Runner’s Shop’ on Rua Santa Luzia 808, Porto. Route: The marathon reveals beautiful settings and historic sites in Porto and two neighboring cities. It starts at Edifício Transparente, then circles around the City Park – the only park in Europe that ends by the sea –, and it visits the nearby town of Matosinhos before coming back across Leixões Bridge. After returning to Porto, runners will travel through Foz do Douro, where they will be able to admire an incredible scenery! The route continues across the famous Dom Luís Bridge, which […]

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Tait House

In order to know the history of Casa Tait, you must also know something about William Tait. Also known as Quinta do Meio, it was purchased in 1900 by a British citizen named William Tait As a Port Wine merchant, William Tait was the owner of a huge fortune. He devoted himself to the study of fauna and flora, and he even introduced some vegetable species in Portugal. He was the author of ‘Birds of Portugal’ (London, 1924), and he owned an extraordinary collection of bird eggs. Muriel Tait succeeded William and sold Casa Tait to the Porto City Council, on the condition that it would become a public green space. Consisting of gardens and a small grove, this is a space of rare beauty. Within its high walls, it retains the characteristic look of British expat’s villas. In the gardens you can admire roses, camellias and the majestic ‘Liriodendrum Tulipifera’, as well as panoramic views of the Douro River estuary.   The venue is used for temporary exhibitions, but its gardens are accessible for free. The City Council’s Museums and Cultural Heritage Department is hosted at Casa Tait, and until September 2008 the Numismatics Bureau was also located here. […]

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A Cortiça – Yours Store

Christmas is coming and you don’t know what to buy? Check out this week’s suggestions from Yours Store. I’ve always liked to let my imagination fly, and there’s nothing better than a few corkwood objects to fly in freedom. Nothing too perfect, just a spontaneous, unique and real design with A Cortiça. With Christmas and the gift-hunting madness approaching, our 100% natural and recyclable corkwood bags make excellent gifts. The different hues, textures and designs make them both unique and exclusive.     And why corkwood? Portugal produces more than half of the corkwood consumed worldwide, accounting for a large share of the country’s exports. It is a natural, eco-friendly material that can be easily adapted to various products, and it can be found in various souvenir and handicraft shops across the country.   The big question is not what can you do with corkwood, but what you can’t.

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Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto is a true tribute to the artistic skills of the different craftsman’s that where involved over the years.

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Porto Half Marathon 2018

The Porto Half Marathon, has already a date for this year, September 16th, 2018. Like the previous years, it is expected a lot of heat, and the stage will be the streets of Porto and Gaia. About 12 thousand people will be expected, which makes this event an indispensable reference on a sporting and social level! The Porto Half Marathon 2018, is open to all athletes, federated or non-federated, and consists in a route of approximately 22 km. The walk, or Mini Marathon, an event that is also part, is intended for all age groups, without competitive ends, and consists in a route of approximately 6 km. The registration limit is 15 thousand participants, in which 10 000 are awarded to the Half Marathon, and 5000 to the Mini Marathon. Entries have to be bought at SportZone stores, or other places designated for this purpose, and prices vary according to the registration date. The novelty is that you can sign up now and start preparing for this event! Throughout the course, the participants are accompanied by the Medical Assistance as well as, are covered by a sport insurance. With 10 years of age, the  Porto Half Marathon keeps alive and growing, bringing people closer together, and encouraging […]

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National Museum of Soares dos Reis

Founded in 1833, it is the first Public Art Museum in Portugal. It was intended to collect confiscated goods from the abandoned convents of Porto. Later, settled in the “Convento de Santo António” with the designation of  “Museu Portuense de Pinturas e Estampas”, and followed an innovative cultural and pedagogical program, supporting artists of the “Academia Portuguesa de Belas Artes” (Fine Arts Academy). In 1839, the exhibitions even moved to the direction of the “Academia Portuguesa das Belas Artes”, strengthening the relationship between the Museum and artistic teaching. With the “Estado Novo”, (the dictatorial portuguese political system) and with the valorization of the patrimony, the museum, acquires the status of National Museum, providing its independence, and slightly later, in 1940, and until today, settled in the Palace of “Carrancas”, celebrating this change with the exhibition “A Obra de Soares dos Reis”, an important stage in the History of the Museum. The 25 of April of 1974, (the end of the dictatorial portuguese political system) allowed the appeal to the young, to leave definitively of part the optical collector. It was then proposed, the opening of the enclosed space, to a new art, a new public. The space opening to vitality! […]

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On November 20, 2017, YOURS GuestHouse and YOURS Bistrô have teamed up to help a cause. We have an important protocol. We commit ourselves as a company and employees, to help “Raríssimas”! Raríssimas was founded on April 2002 and is a non-profit institution. The strength and courage for its creation is due to the dream of Marco, son of Paula Costa, the founder of “Casa dos Marcos”, a project that came later. Marco, had “Cornelia de Lange” Syndrome, a rare pathology, associated with congenital malformations and delayed psychomotor development. Then, knowing there were no schools that could help accommodating people like him, he asked his mother to create a space for rare girls and boys. Marco was 16 when he made that request, and unfortunately, he died shortly afterwards, without seeing his desire fulfilled. However, roughly 7 years after this special request, the concept “Casa dos Marcos”, in Moita, Portugal, a unique space in the World for people with rare and very rare diseases, was born, based on a lot of altruism. “Not being for Marco, it’s a home for the other Marcos of Portugal.”, said Paula Costa. The “House of Mark” includes a residential home, intended for patients that […]

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Best underground places in Porto

We offer you 6 new tips about the best underground places in porto where you can go. On a trip to Porto, it can be useful a lot of tips about places in Porto. However, for those who are a bit more curious and would like to try new things… try the best underground places in Porto. YOURS BISTRÔ – FADO NIGHTS Located on the Caldeireiros street, the restaurant YOURS Bistrô proudly offers a different dinner to its customers, welcoming them with a fantastic Fado show. In addition to a varied menu and service efficacy, those who visit this restaurant can still enjoy a fantastic garden esplanade while listening to the show. Carla Cortez and her guitar players will do the rest. Fado is a Immaterial World Heritage of Humanity, and you can listen to it while enjoying a delicious meal, at YOURS Bistrô. This is why this is one of the 6 best underground places in Porto. Adress: Rua dos Caldeireiros 135.   PINGUIM CAFÉ – MONDAY OF POETRY The Pinguim cafe and  bar is a welcoming place, located on the 67 Belomonte street, which surprises us with the “Mondays of Poetry”, that take place every Monday at 11:30 p.m., in the Cave of the Pinguim, which […]

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São Bento station

Discover Porto’s most beautiful and famous train station. Elected in 2011 by the renowned “Travel + Leisure” magazine as one of the most beautiful stations in the world, this place is one of the biggest references of the city of Porto, being a must to visit.

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Travel Tips for Porto

Check these useful travel tips to get the best experience If you are travelling to Porto any soon, you will find these travel tips useful to get the most of your journey. First of all, if you are looking for things to do in your stay, check our past blog posts about the subject, specially: 3 days in Porto. This is the downtown map of Porto, the principal hub of the city, where you can see where our Guest House is localized as well as other important places like police stations and hospital. First of all, the emergency numbers are: European emergency phone number: 112 Principal Police Station of downtown: (+00351) 22 209 2000 Principal Fire Department of downtown: (+00351) 223 322787 Useful general travel tips:   Weather: Portugal has a mediterrean weather, so in Porto summer is pretty hot and Winter is rainy. Presently, spring is around the corner so the temperatures are already rising. Enjoy the country with the most daylight in Europe! By the way, timezone is GMT 0, and in summer is GMT +1 Spoken language: The official language of Portugal is portuguese. Howewer, English is usually speaken by locals, specially young people; so feel free to make […]

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Centro Português de Fotografia

Located in the former prison of the 15th century, (“Cadeia e Tribunal da Relação”), was in 1996 created  the “Centro Português de Fotografia”. A Ministry of Culture’s decision. The first exhibitions, in the “Centro Português de Fotografia”, were inaugurated in December of 1997, on the ground floor, that ran as a space for the exhibitions until December of 2000. At that date the photographic culture began to reviving itself, with the appearance of photography schools, festivals and galleries that used to recover photographers excluded by the Salazar regime, and spread the work of international photographers. In 2001, after restored and adapted to its new function, by the team of architects “Eduardo Souto Moura” and “Humberto Vieira”, the building was occupied in its entirety. Nowadays, it is protected by the “Direcção Geral do Livro”, being attributed to them the duties of development and appreciation of the Photographic Heritage. The “Centro Português de Fotografia” still maintain an anual program of temporary exhibitions, a museum centre, a specialized library and a free service of guided tours to the building and exhibitions, subject to previous reservation. The programming balance itself between the contemporary and historical photography and the Portuguese and international photography. Here you […]

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3 Days in Porto

If 1 day is short, and 2 not enough, we think that 3 days are ideal to know almost all the essence of Porto. Day 1… The best option to stay in, for 3 days in Porto, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! Go down in the “Rua dos Caldeireiros” street, where you are staying and enjoy the beauty of the main avenue of Porto, the “Avenida dos Aliados” that owes its name to a tribute to the Allied Countries in the first World War. All the buildings that you will see are made of quality granite, many of them crowned with summits, pinnacle spires and skylights. Take the opportunity to take unique pictures, to know the building of “Câmara do Porto” and the brand of our city, “Porto.”. Once again go down and visit the “Estação de S.Bento”, one of the most beautiful train stations of the World and one of the most important monuments of the city, made by the architect Marques da Silva, coated with twenty thousand tiles by Jorge […]

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2 days in Porto

Although 2 days in Porto are not enough to know all the stories, gardens, buildings and features, they are enough to get a good feel about the city. The best option to stay in, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! Day 1… For the first day, we have a contrast of routes to propose you. Let’s begin the morning with some hustle, but we promise you that you will finish your day in a more serene way. We begin our route, at “Capela das Almas”, which stays at a very short and interesting walk from YOURS GuestHouse, in the main commercial street of “Baixa do Porto”, “Santa Catarina” street. The “Capela das Almas” is constituted by 15,947 tiles, from Eduardo Leite. They represent the life of San “Francisco de Assis” and Saint “Catarina”! Still on the same street, don’t forget to visit the “Café Majestic” opened in 1921, and considered the sixth most beautiful coffee in the World, in 2011. It was a coffee who has claimed their state with the tradition […]

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1 Day in Porto

When you only have one day in a city like Porto, full of venues and history to show, have you ever wonder “1 Day in Porto – What should I visit?” Here you have our suggestion to 1 day in Porto! The best option to stay in, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! “Sé Catedral do Porto”, a building from the XII to XIII century, known for the architecture with roman-gothic features. It is a short walk of 7 minutes from YOURS GuestHouse Porto. Schedule: 09h00 am – 19h00 pm Museum and Cloister: 09h00 am – 18h30 pm (summer)                 Reache “Ribeira” using the “Sé Catedral” stairs, where you can take a close look to the “Muralha Fernandina”. “Ribeira” is one of the main tourist attraction points, is an ideal place to take incredible pictures to the landscape, thanks to the excellent views over the Douro river!   Don’t forget to see the D.Luís I bridge, made in iron filigree, drafted by the engineer Théophile Seyrig. You can […]

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Travellers Choice Awards 2017

Yours Guesthouse Porto was distinguished by TripAdvisor with the Travellers Choice Awards 2017

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Manuela Mendes da Silva

  About Manuela Mendes da Silva …   Maria Manuela Mendes da Silva was born in Porto and graduated in Art by Fine Arts University of Porto. She taught art lessons between 1971 and 2006. She started her professional career as a painter in 1966. Member of the Fine Arts National Society, she is represented in the “European Art Museum”. The filme “In My Atelier in Porto”, directed by Álvaro Queirós, is about her work and is part of the archives of the Portuguese cinemateque. She has multiples references in national and international books and her collections are presented in Portugal and abroad, mostly in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dubai, São Paulo, Paris, Brussels and Tokyo. Contact: Telephone: +351 966051305 E-mail: You can see the colection of paintings at YOURS GuestHouse Porto. Through our website:

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Porto History

Do you want to know more about Porto History, the destiny you chose? So, the Porto History, owes the origin of his name, to a roman civilization. They were known by “Cale” or “Portus Cale”. “Portus” refering to the city located on the right river bank, Porto, and “Cale”, refering the left river bank, Vila Nova de Gaia. Both names, later giving the origin to our country’s name, Portugal. Douro river was the main responsible for the development of Porto, thanks to the trade exchanges, for example, the Porto Wine. But, not only for our wine, we are also known worldwide for our bridges, for the old architecture of our historic center, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, for our gastronomy quality, for our best team “Futebol Clube do Porto”, for our University, one of the best two hundred in the world. But mostly, for our people, always known for his strong  and honest character, his cheerful spirit and for his hospitable and hardworker side! Giving special attention to our World Heritage, we highlight the street where YOURSGuestHouse Porto is located, “Rua dos Caldeireiros”, one of the oldest in town. This street is an extension of “Rua do Souto”, that […]

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Rua das Flores – Porto

With this name, “Rua das Flores” had to have a story related with the flora of Porto. The name,”Rua das Flores”, was given because of the flourishing  gardens full of flowers that used to exist where the street was open. Those gardens belong to the Porto Bishop, “D.Pedro Álvares da Costa”, who initially, because of his huge devotion to “Santa Catarina de Alexandria”, gave the name of “Santa Catarina das Flores” to the actual “Rua das Flores”. His importance was mostly because, it was the first time in the urban city history, that a street was built according to rules and under a precise regulation related with the kind of housing to build, forcing to a regularization of street margins, in order to allow the good visibility of the house fronts. “Rua das Flores” got a strong elitist character, at that time. Another reason for the extreme visibility of the street, was a crime, that the locals say happen there, committed by a Doctor, Urbino de Freitas, accused of killing his nephews with poisoned almonds, in order to inherit a valuable fortune. This sad history, for being so remarkable, originated a romance by António Rebordão Navarro. Despite that, nowadays, is still […]

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