5 Best Markets near Porto

People who visit Portugal cannot leave without trying our amazing food, that’s only amazing because of our fresh and quality products. If you want to find out where you can buy and eat the freshest products near Porto, stay tuned because Beatriz Maia went to find them out for you. Take a look: Bolhão Market Even before Yours Porto existed, Amorim family already bought their products at Bolhão Market. And why? Because there you can find the freshest products and with the most diversity in the city. Is without any doubt one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto. Divided in 4 sections: fish, butcher, florist and fruits, the most iconic market in the city is the place where farmers and producers get together to sell their best and freshest products. Everyone who enters can’t unnoticed the characteristic sound of the sellers loudly screaming who has the best and freshest fish, trying to call the clients attention to their bench. Some say that’s the truth spirit of Porto. And why Bolhão, you ask: back in 1839, when the land was bought to create the future market, there was a huge air bubble forming at the local and so, the owners […]

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