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A Cortiça – Yours Store
A Cortiça
A Cortiça – Yours Store

Christmas is coming and you don’t know what to buy? Check out this week’s suggestions from Yours Store.

I’ve always liked to let my imagination fly, and there’s nothing better than a few corkwood objects to fly in freedom. Nothing too perfect, just a spontaneous, unique and real design with A Cortiça.

With Christmas and the gift-hunting madness approaching, our 100% natural and recyclable corkwood bags make excellent gifts. The different hues, textures and designs make them both unique and exclusive.


A Cortiça Yours Store

Bag Cortiça – 12×19 (4€)

A Cortiça Yours Store

Door Coins Cortiça – 8 x 9 (3 €)


And why corkwood? Portugal produces more than half of the corkwood consumed worldwide, accounting for a large share of the country’s exports. It is a natural, eco-friendly material that can be easily adapted to various products, and it can be found in various souvenir and handicraft shops across the country.


A Cortiça Yours Store

Large Coin Cortiça – 7×20 (10€)

The big question is not what can you do with corkwood, but what you can’t.


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