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Best underground places in Porto

We offer you 6 new tips about the best underground places in porto where you can go. On a trip to Porto, it can be useful a lot of tips about places in Porto. However, for those who are a bit more curious and would like to try new things… try the best underground places in Porto. YOURS BISTRÔ – FADO NIGHTS Located on the Caldeireiros street, the restaurant YOURS Bistrô proudly offers a different dinner to its customers, welcoming them with a fantastic Fado show. In addition to a varied menu and service efficacy, those who visit this restaurant can still enjoy a fantastic garden esplanade while listening to the show. Carla Cortez and her guitar players will do the rest. Fado is a Immaterial World Heritage of Humanity, and you can listen to it while enjoying a delicious meal, at YOURS Bistrô. This is why this is one of the 6 best underground places in Porto. Adress: Rua dos Caldeireiros 135.   PINGUIM CAFÉ – MONDAY OF POETRY The Pinguim cafe and  bar is a welcoming place, located on the 67 Belomonte street, which surprises us with the “Mondays of Poetry”, that take place every Monday at 11:30 p.m., in the Cave of the Pinguim, which […]

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Manuela Mendes da Silva

  About Manuela Mendes da Silva …   Maria Manuela Mendes da Silva was born in Porto and graduated in Art by Fine Arts University of Porto. She taught art lessons between 1971 and 2006. She started her professional career as a painter in 1966. Member of the Fine Arts National Society, she is represented in the “European Art Museum”. The filme “In My Atelier in Porto”, directed by Álvaro Queirós, is about her work and is part of the archives of the Portuguese cinemateque. She has multiples references in national and international books and her collections are presented in Portugal and abroad, mostly in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dubai, São Paulo, Paris, Brussels and Tokyo. Contact: Telephone: +351 966051305 E-mail: You can see the colection of paintings at YOURS GuestHouse Porto. Through our website:

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5 Best Markets near Porto

People who visit Portugal cannot leave without trying our amazing food, that’s only amazing because of our fresh and quality products. If you want to find out where you can buy and eat the freshest products near Porto, stay tuned because Beatriz Maia went to find them out for you. Take a look: Bolhão Market Even before Yours Porto existed, Amorim family already bought their products at Bolhão Market. And why? Because there you can find the freshest products and with the most diversity in the city. Is without any doubt one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto. Divided in 4 sections: fish, butcher, florist and fruits, the most iconic market in the city is the place where farmers and producers get together to sell their best and freshest products. Everyone who enters can’t unnoticed the characteristic sound of the sellers loudly screaming who has the best and freshest fish, trying to call the clients attention to their bench. Some say that’s the truth spirit of Porto. And why Bolhão, you ask: back in 1839, when the land was bought to create the future market, there was a huge air bubble forming at the local and so, the owners […]

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Livraria Lello – The Bookshop

“Livraria Lello has housed men of arts and letters, has been the inspiration for acclaimed authors, a place for social gatherings, performances and a serene library for many of Invicta’s avid readers.” This is how Livraria Lello describes itself and we couldn’t agree more. Beatriz Maia went to the most beautiful bookstore in Porto and the world to tell you everything about it. Reed more to see how it was: Livraria Lello as we know it, opened in 1906 by the Lello brothers, men of the arts, letters and culture. Everyone who walks by Rua das Carmelitas can’t help but to be stunned by the façade of the bookshop. The façade has a neo-gothic style that is amazing by itself. The façade has a neo-gothic style that is amazing by itself. However, the façade has to share some of the attention with two amazing figures that symbolize both art and science. Recently restored, the responsible for the bookshop wanted to make sure that the façade turned out to be the closest as the 1906’s original. Walking in the Livraria Lello, we’re immediately overwhelmed by the famous staircase. This is a feeling that many can’t describe, is best for you to see […]

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Cheap Porto: Yours GuestHouse Guide to Porto

If you are hosted in Yours GuestHouse Porto and you would like to visit Porto in a fun but cheap way you can count on YOURS favorite GuestHouse to help you find the Cheap Porto. With our partners’ network we can offer you special conditions when acquiring services from these tourist services providers:   BlueBus City Tours: With BlueBus you can choose the perfect way to explore the city of Porto according to your needs. Choose between one of our 3 available tours: – 24 Hours The 24 Hours Tour on the BlueBus’ buses allows you to explore Porto within a carefull chosen circuit that will take you through the city center while exploring all the buildings and monuments that are part of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.   – 48 Hours The 48 Hours Tour allows you to explore, visit and know the history of the city of Porto. This hop-on, hop-off tour is the perfect way to explore the city at your pace and discover what makes it one of the most attractive touristic destinations worldwide. You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.   – […]

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Atelier do Sabão

YOURS GUESTHOUSE uses the soaps from Atelier do Sabão. The soaps from Atelier do Sabão are an example of the products that we trust to our customers, because they are handmade and have great quality and purity of the ingredients it uses. Using 100% natural ingredients,100% olive oil, extra virgin oils and only vegetable oils, essences and natural dyes. It also introduces several references: herbal and cereal species such as oatmeal, wheat germ, marigold seeds, poppy, honey, lavender, rose hips, clays, etc. Atelier do Sabão also makes soap with goat’s milk, soy milk and coconut milk. YOURS recommends Atelier do Sabão products because these are suitable for various types of skin: moisturizing, dry skin, exfoliating, relaxing. That’s why they are segmented by various product categories. There are special editions for various private or corporate events, such as the example of YOURS GuestHouse that has a unique soap for sale in YOURS STORE. The production is performed by Nathalie Moreira who graduated in Food Engineer with Masters and PhD in Biotechnology. Atelier do Sabãocombines the quality and image of the product, always looking for an attractive design of the final product. YOURS STORE is a selling point indicated by the mark for the sale of various products. […]

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Mercado do Bolhão is decadent or in reconstruction?

YOURS restaurant shops in Mercado do Bolhão. Even before YOURS and as a family, we did our fruit and vegetable shopping in Mercado do Bolhão. Why? If you want to buy the freshest products, with higher diversity and a highly personalized service, Mercado do Bolhão is the best place in town. In terms of price, Mercado do Bolhão, is slighty more expensive than the average supermarket, disadvantage largely compensated in terms of quality and variety of the products, facts that in my opinion, make of Bolhão’s vegetables and fruit the best in town. The Mercado has been selling potatoes, onions and vegetables from local producers, mainly from Esposende (a city near Porto) for many years. The best thing is to do is to compare. Imagine you want chives. Why don’t you try what you get in modern supermarkets. There will be able to find one or two options. In Mercado do Bolhao you have many sellers offering a vast range of the same (seasonal) products. However, if you happen to be a regular customer, then on top of what your eyes can see, we can count on the friendly warning of the shopper “this is not for you, today sir!”. And […]

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Free Stitching – Handmade by Yours

I like drawing, sewing and embroidering with free stitching. Telling a story by using pieces of colored fabrics and using the black free stitching to mark these characters. There are already a few stories that I have told and others i am about to tell through free stitching! Nothing too perfect because the drawing I want is free, spontaneous, almost like a sketch. And then I sew these pieces together. There are so many possibilities! Here are some of them. Hope you like it! photos: © luísa amorim For more information and to order please feel free to send an email to:

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Portuguese Fabrics #2 – HandMade By Yours

Tradition in Portugal Now with diferent fabrics and keeping Yours Spirit! This product is available. refº RP0704 refº RP0704 photos: © luísa amorim The fabrics used are heavy cotton and filmy laminate – HandMade By Yours Dimensions are 18cmX12cm and the price is 11€ + shipping fees. Hope you like it! For more information and to order please feel free to send an email to:

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Portuguese Fabrics #1 – HandMade By Yours

Tradition in Portugal   Still featuring the tradition in Portugal I’ve continue to explore national fabrics in diferent designs. The sripes here used take us to the design of the beach tent of the windy beaches in North of Portugal. These cotton fabrics are overlaid with filmy laminate lace. refº RP0703 refº RP0703 photos: © luísa amorim The fabrics used are heavy cotton and filmy laminate – HandMade By Yours Dimensions are 18cmX12cm and the price is 11€ + shipping fees. Hope you like it! For more information and to order please feel free to send an email to:

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Oporto Inspiration – HandMade By YOURS

Tiles from Oporto Using fabrics that reflects the Oporto tiles often seen in the old city center houses – a Oporto Inspiration –  I have created this line of small purses among with others pieces featuring the traditional spirit of Portugal. This small bags are made in Portuguese fabrics with 18cmX12cm and the price is 11€ + shipping fees. Made with coarse linen, heavy cotton and laminate – Handmade by Yours I’ve attached some pictures:                     For more information and to order please feel free to send an email to:

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Inspiration #1 Handmade for Yours

There is nothing better than doing something inspired in little things! By the colors, textures and the idea of what may be created with inspiration…       photos: © luísa amorim   These are my newest ideas. Soon they will be available at Yours Store! Take a look!   What about you? What inspires You?

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Threads and Fabrics

There is nothing better than walking tucked between threads and fabrics on a haberdashery in Porto’ city center, or spend hours on the Internet discover the latest trends from Amy Butler, the Free Spirits or Kokka. I’ve always liked buttons and “fitilhos”, English embroidery, sewing machines and “chitas” from Alcobaça. It  makes remember me to my Grandmother’s house in Redondo – Alentejo. The cool breeze felt indoors on sunny and scorching summer afternoons, the smell so characteristic of the chests opened where linen sheets and the blankets were placed, and a nice lunch in the late afternoon with homemade bread with butter and lemonade! I think the love to “create” come from my maternal grandmother who had some ideas “out of the box” for those times.  After some research, a sewing machine (a gift from my husband) and some “sewing ” experiences  offered with great affection to my friends, the challenge has been launched! What if you have more free time why not do something that makes you truly happy? This was the beginning of Yours Store – Handmade! Contacts: Email: Tel: +(351) 222033082

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