5 best cities to visit near Porto
Avenida em Guimaraes
5 best cities to visit near Porto

In this article we chose some suggestions of 5 Best Cities to visit near Porto.


Sameiro Braga

Sameiro Braga

Braga is one of the best cities to visit near Porto. It is a city of Roman origin (“Bracara Augusta”) created in the 16 century A.C. in honor of the Roman Emperor Augustus. Braga is the “Minho’s Capital” and the 3rd largest Portuguese city. As an old city it has magnificent buildings, from different centuries and styles, but also diverse natural landscapes. In addition to the wealth of the Culture you can also find very typical and historical food. Including awarded food (one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese gastronomy) as Caldo Verde (cabbage soup with “chouriço” accompanied with cornbread).
If you are hosted inYOURS GuestHouse Porto it is very easy to travel to Braga. You Just need take a train (you have at least one hour by hour) in the São Bento station next toYOURS GuestHouse Porto with a low price (3.20 € per trip) and the duration of the journey is approximately 1h15minutes. When you return back YOURS GUESTHOUSE is also a good choice to rest!

Braga is therefore one of the best cities to visit if you are coming and staying in Porto YOURS GuestHouse Porto taking the railway proximity in consideration is an excellent choice.

Vila do Conde

Convento de Santa Clara

Convento de Santa Clara
Fonte: http://www.cm-viladoconde.pt/

Vila do Conde is one of the best cities to visit near Porto. Vila do Conde is an ancient city (it already existed with this nomenclature even before Portugal existed as a country). It is a city with works of historic architecture of different centuries. The most special monument is the Santa Clara Convent founded in 1318 by Dona Teresa Martins and her husband Dan Afonso Sanches who was the bastard son of Dan Dinis I of Portugal (sixth King of Portugal – his greatest work was the great forest of Leiria). The biggest highlight of the convent is the Gothic church. Also important is the Santa Clara aqueduct that is considered the 4th most beautiful aqueduct in the world.

In the beautiful village it is also amazing seeing the beautiful beaches and the beautiful marginal by the sea. The proximity to Porto makes it a great city to visit if you travel to Porto.

Aqueduto de Vila do Conde Fonte

Aqueduto de Vila do Conde
Fonte: http://gpmcaminhadas.blogspot.pt/

In Vila do Conde you can also find The Style Outlet! Where you can find the best brands with great deals like Michael Kors, Furla or Ralph Lauren.
To get to Vila do Conde you just need take a metro towards Povoa do Varzim (red line) and step off at Vila do Conde station (just around the corner we can see the aqueduct). To take the subway the closest to YOURS GuestHouse Porto, is “Trindade” which is situated closer to the “Avenida dos Aliados” (a landmark of the Porto).
The proximity to Metro (and other transport) makesYOURS GuestHouse Porto an excellent choice to stay if you travel to Porto and want to get to know the best cities to visit near Porto.


Trilobites do GeoParque de Arouca

Trilobites do GeoParque de Arouca com cerca de 30cm de comprimento
Fonte: www.Publico.pt

If you like a Discovery Tour, or animal life history tourism and you’ve staying in YOURS GUESTHOUSE nothing better than to visit the Geopark of Arouca. Arouca being one of the best cities to visit near Porto and in that case, the most emblematic in this type of tourism you’ll find. In the Geological Park we can find a wealth of huge international significance as well as giant Trilobites, breeders stones of chestnut and Ichnofossils in Paiva Valley. These Trilobites are fossils aged over 465 millions years and today the largest trilobites found in the world. The Arouca Geopark belongs to the European Network and Global UNESCO GeoParks. Undoubtedly one of the best places to visit if you are in Porto.

If you visit Arouca you can’t miss the walkways of Paiva River. An extraordinary footpath with 8km. In one side we have the Paiva River and in the other we have a great diversity of natural landscapes that until a few years ago were inaccessible.
To get to Arouca is advisable to use a rental car. If you are in YOURS GuestHouse Porto can make a reservation or alternatively use one of our travel program! In return enjoy to rest at YOURS Bristo.


Paço dos Duques Guimaraes

Vista aérea do paço dos duques
Fonte: pduques.culturanorte.pt

Guimarães is a city located in Braga’s district and is the birthplace of Portugal. In 1128 took place some events (such as the battle of São Mamede) that in the following year originated the birth of Portugal. It is a city rich in iconic landmarks such as Guimarães Castle or the “Paço dos duques” (built in the fifteenth century by King Afonso I of Bragança).
Being hosted inYOURS GuestHouse Porto it is very easy to get to Guimarães. You just need to take a train (you have at least one hour by hour) at the São Bento station nearYOURS GuestHouse Porto with a low price (3.20 € per trip) and the duration of the journey is approximately 1h20minutes.

When your journey is over, get back to rest to YOURS GUESTHOUSE! It’s always a good choice!
Read more about Guimaraes (to be developed)


Rota do Romantico

Rota do Romantico

Finally Paredes is another of the cities to visit near Porto. It integrates one of the most prosperous and interesting regions of Portugal – “vale do Sousa”. Paredes is based in the old Sousa Aguiar region. The Sousa Aguiar region in Vale do Sousa pact settlement project dating back to 1200 AC. The municipality of Paredes was created by Passos Manuel only on November 6 in 1836 as a result of the reorganization that occurred with the Constitution of 1820.
Paredes is the beginning of the Tâmega and Sousa region where you can enjoy the Romantic Route (is a tourist and cultural route(. The Romantic Route is still very undeveloped and therefore you should not miss. It arose from the need to take advantage of the cultural and tourist potential and develop in a sustainable way the region.

Coming from YOURS GuestHouse Porto, the best way to visit is by fantastic Douro line beginning at S. Bento station 200 meters from the our GuestHouse!

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