Recepie of Crepes YOURS
Crepes YOURS
Recepie of Crepes YOURS

Recepie of Crepes YOURS: Making delicious crepes

It is just so easy to please everyone with a great meal. This Recepie of Crepes YOURS also gathers everyone in kitchen. It was fantastic for a Sunday morning!

Recepie of Crepes YOURS


For crepe dough (6 crepe, adjust accordingly according to your needs)

1 egg

1 cup flour

1 cup milk

Bit of salt

1 teaspoon spoon oil

½ teaspoon baking powder

(1 teaspoon sugar if the filling is sweet)

Recepies of Crepes YOURS

Suggestions for filling the Recepie of Crepes YOURS:

Salty crepes:

1)      The Traditional: Ham, flamengo cheese and mushrooms.

Use fresh white button mushrooms.

Fry slices of garlic in a frying pan and when yellowish, add washed and sliced mushrooms. Add salt and season with “herbs de la provence”.

2)      Spinach, goats cheese and walnuts

Wash well the spinach and reserve. In a pan, add butter and just a bit of garlic. Allow it to cook. Add the spinach still wet, so that this water allows them to cook. Season with salt.

3)      Blue cheese, caramalised onions (or pears) and walnuts

To caramalise onions: Cut them in slices. Add olive oil to a frying pan and the onions (one table spoon olive oil per onion). You can add sugar, say one teaspoon per 4 onions, but it is really not necessary. You might also add a tiny drop of balsamic vinegar. Cook for 45 min at a very slow temperature. Stir every few minutes but not too much otherwise they won’t brown.

To caramelised pears: Melt 2 table spoons of butter in frying pan over medium heat. Add ½ cup of sugar when butter is foamy and cook until bubbling and dissolved (~3 minutes). Add 4 Rocha pears and cook, stirring rarely, until mixture is caramelized and pears just begin to release their juices. Optional: fold 1 clove and serve.

4)      Aspargus and cheese.

Grill asparagus with a white wine and dill sauce. For a strong flavor, add a bit of goat cheese or a melting cows cheese. Add grilled red peppers on the top. Alternatively, use the asparagus in a mix of veggies (courgette, potato and peppers) and incorporate in a hollandaise sauce. Add grated S Jorge cheese to the hollandaise sauce to produce a brilliant combination for crêpes..


Sweets Crepes YOURS

1)      sugar and lemon or lime

2)      honey, requeijao and walnut (my favourite)

3)      honey, requeijao and figgs if in season

4)      nutella and banana

5)      nutella, banana and strawberry

Recepies of Crepes YOURS


Add all ingredients into a bowl and with a blender mix them well. Allow dough to rest for at least 30 min.

Brush the minimum amount of oil in a non sticky frying pan.

(Tip on how to do this in case you don’t have a kitchen brush:

Cut a potato in half. Put the straight face facing down and stick a fork on the opposite surface. Dip the flat part of the potato it into a small bowl containing oil and spread it on the frying pan. This is easy right?)

Recepies of Crepes YOURS

Add half a cup of the dough into the frying pan and swirl the pan until the crêpes dough is evenly spread in a thin layer all over the bottom of the frying pan. Let it cook until it is easy to take it from the bottom. Turn over. Add fillings and close tightly the crepe. Allow cheese to melt and remove. Season the crepe with freshly grinded pepper and salt and serve.


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