Gardens In Porto – Our Top 10

To select the 10 Best Gardens of Porto, we ask Madalena Meireles to research what they were. These are the results of the Best Gardens and Parks of Porto. Porto is a city full of green spaces, marvelous places to relax, talk and picnic, physical exercise, date and many other things! Here they are, the 10 best and prettiest gardens and parks of Invicta. 1º Parque da Cidade (City Park) It’s the biggest park of porto and of the country, with about 83 hectares, with a network of paths of about 10km. Ideal for someone who is looking for a calm, silent place, with a big diversity of fauna and flora, where you can relax, talk, exercise, have an amazing date, etc. Also the park has access to the shore where you can find a zone with beaches and coffee shops, making this place unique in Europe.   2º Crystal Palace Gardens The most romantic gardens of Porto stretch over an area of 8 hectares and were projected in the XIX century by the German Arquitech Émile David. Here you have an amazing view of the Douro River. The best place for a great, romantic date while you enjoy the wonderful […]

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Top 10 Churches in Porto

Churches in Porto – Today’s topic to start this Monday with a top suggestion when visiting Porto. Delight yourself with the beauty and history of Porto’s most beautiful churches. S. Francisco Located in Rua do Infante D. Henrique, 4050-297 Porto,  construction began in 1244, when it was originally designed as a modest temple of small dimensions.  However, it was in the reign of the King D. Fernando in the 15th century that the main building work continued as it remains today. In the centuries that followed, the church became the object of several artistic influences, the main one being the baroque period, during which time renovation work gave the temple its current status as a church lined with gold. This gold came from Brazil, a Portuguese colony at the time. Carmo and Carmelitas Located in Praça Carlos Alberto 32, 4050-157 Porto, The Carmo Church, with its baroque/rococo style, was built in the second half of the 18th century by the Order of Carmelites. The stone facade presents a rectangular entrance, flanked by two religious sculptures of the prophets Elias and Eliseu. The side elevation is covered in tiles, representing scenes allusive to the Carmelite Order. Its interior is characterized by its gilded wood carvings […]

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5 Best Restaurants in Porto

Restaurants in Porto, today we will tell you our 5 top choices when we have to decide where to have a delicious traditional meal in Porto. These are our choices: 1 – YOURS Bistrô Localização: Rua dos Caldeireiros 135, 4050-140 Porto Reservations: Daily Menus: YOURS Bistrô Facebook Specialty: Tajine Opening Hours:  Breakfast: All week – 08h30 – 11h00                                    Lunch: Monday – Saturday: 12h30 – 16h00 /// Kitchen closes at 14:30h                                   Dinner: Wednesday – Saturday: 19h30 – 00h00 /// Kitchen closes at 22h30 YOURS Bistrô is the best place to enjoy the combination between great quality food in a cosy, family like restaurant. They also have a beautiful sunny terrace where you can enjoy and spend time with your loved ones. Tajine is their specialty, such a delicious blend of Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Porto’s characteristic gastronomy. Recommended for everyone to give them a visit and try! It is also offered Vegetarian dishes! How cool is that? Comparing with the next 4 restaurants this is the most […]

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Road Trip to Porto – A Blogger’s Post

Road Trip – Next Stop, Porto… The Blogger that writes to “A Local Food Hound” was a YOURS GuestHouse guest and wrote a brilliant post about his stay in Porto. Make sure you read and visit his Blog for more information about his adventures.   Porto – Tower View Our drive to Porto, Portugal was non-eventful but driving in Porto was what I would call a ‘day from hell’. A game of musical parking spots is constantly being played out with what seems like 10,000 cars looking for 100 spots. Folks were double & triple parked – some reading books! And our Google Maps was down for the count as we had lost our Spanish cell phone carrier once across the Portuguese border. We finally opted to pay up for the roaming charges & got back on course after several circular round abouts & dead ends & arrived at our home away from home – Yours Guest House. It was a peaceful oasis in the heart of the old town. Not only was the room lovely, but there was a great lounge area and and amazing terrace. The staff were delightful, helpful and informative. One of the highlights of our trip was […]

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Taste Porto – A Food Guide to Porto

Taste Porto is the subject of this next blog post and their objective is for you to leave Porto with nothing less than a full stomach of traditional local cuisine.   Taste Porto has grown from its humble beginnings into what it is today – a traditional, well known traditional knowledge provider. Partnering two Porto natives and one American, the three got together with the business idea that combines their love of Porto with their second love, the local cuisine. Keen travelers, taste testers, at home chefs, and cultural explorers the team realized that what they valued most from their travels was the opportunity to meet locals and see the city through their eyes. And so it was unanimously decided that Taste Porto Food Tours would do exactly that, allow people to taste the real Porto. Through their tours you will have an experience that will excite all of your senses. Not only will you taste the sweet and savory dishes of Porto, but you will also see the old ladies keeping guard over the streets from their balconies, you will hear the sales-pitches of the vendors of Bolhão Market, you will smell the intoxicating scent of freshly cooked chouriço, and you will […]

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Douro Exclusive – Discover the Douro Valley

The Douro Exclusive Group is run by Ana and Marco and they are specialized in the Douro Valley region. For the ones who are eager to discover the secrets that are held by the Douro Valley, with hosts that spent all their lives living there, Ana and Marco will walk you through amazing landscapes that only the locals know how to find. They will tell you stories of a brave people who became the cornerstones of the oldest wine region in the world to be demarcated and regulated (since 1756). Douro Exclusive will bring you to taste the amazing wines of Porto, DOC Douro and the great cooking! Explore the itinerary according to your own tastes and will. All the trips are made with a luxury air-conditioned vehicle, and they have different journey experiences that allow you to enjoy the route in the most personalized possible way. Let yourselves be carried away by this fantastic wine region…  The trips provided are: Silver Experience With the Silver Experience you will have lunch in a more typical, traditional atmosphere while’ enjoying the dishes of the regional cuisine, just like our mother made it! This experience will also show you the charms of one of the most beautiful wine-producing villages as we […]

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City Lovers Tours – A Guide to Trust

Today we will present you the City Lovers Tours, more than a company, a group of friends that got together to offer you the best tours in Porto.   City Lovers Tours City Lovers Tours presents itself as a trustworthy platform and brand, with the purpose of reaching more tourists over the time. A friendly and very helpful organization focused on customer support and building better relations with its public. The platform was created with the objective of allowing every customer to establish an honest bond with both sellers and product deliverers, from the first visit to the website, to the beginning of the activity. – Medieval Porto A tour about the ancient city and its legends that covers all the Pena Ventosa (Medieval Neighbourhood) and the mediaval wall (Fernandina Wall) – unknown areas of the city, usually not accessible to tourists. – Romantic Porto A tour that involves all the romantic Oporto, as well as the stories of the poets and writers of that time – exploring Crystal Palace and the Romantic Paths. – Churches Tour A tour about Art History, Religion and Architecture that explores the most relevant churches of the city. Includes visit to Sé – Porto’s Cathedral, […]

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Cheap Porto: Yours GuestHouse Guide to Porto

If you are hosted in Yours GuestHouse Porto and you would like to visit Porto in a fun but cheap way you can count on YOURS favorite GuestHouse to help you find the Cheap Porto. With our partners’ network we can offer you special conditions when acquiring services from these tourist services providers:   BlueBus City Tours: With BlueBus you can choose the perfect way to explore the city of Porto according to your needs. Choose between one of our 3 available tours: – 24 Hours The 24 Hours Tour on the BlueBus’ buses allows you to explore Porto within a carefull chosen circuit that will take you through the city center while exploring all the buildings and monuments that are part of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.   – 48 Hours The 48 Hours Tour allows you to explore, visit and know the history of the city of Porto. This hop-on, hop-off tour is the perfect way to explore the city at your pace and discover what makes it one of the most attractive touristic destinations worldwide. You can buy this ticket directly with Yours GuestHouse Porto.   – […]

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Beautiful Places Near Porto

  In this article we discuss the most beautiful places near porto to visit. The ultimate guide to a quick getaway from the city!   AVEIRO – “The Venice of Portugal” Aveiro is one of the main cities to visit near Porto. It is an eighteenth-century city that has principal attraction – Ria de Aveiro – “sea arms on earth” forming almost a peninsula. Also in Aveiro we found one of the main sea ports of Portugal and one of the leading shipyards. In addition to the wealth of fishing Culture in Aveiro we can also find a very typical and historical cuisine. The highlight are the “ovos moles”. In Aveiro you can also enjoy the excellent beaches. If you are hosted in YOURS GUESTHOUSE it is very easy to travel to Aveiro. You Just need take a train (you have at least one hour by hour) in the São Bento station next to YOURS GUESTHOUSE with a low price (3.20 € per trip) and the duration of the journey is approximately 1h15minutes. When you return back YOURS GUESTHOUSE is also a good choice to rest! And eat some “ovos moles” that you have build in Aveiro.               Aveiro is therefore one of […]

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The Six Best Football Stadiums Near Porto

This article is dedicated to the Six Best Football Stadiums to visit near Porto. João Meireles writes about the best Stadiums  in Portugal. Estádio do Dragão Dragon’s Stadium –  the stadium of Futebol Clube do Porto. FC Porto is one of the best club’s in Portugal. The stadium was inaugurated on November 16, 2003, and has capacity for 50,035 spectators. You can also visti the Museum of the Club To get to “Estádio do Dragão” you just need take a metro towards “Estádio do Dragão” (red line) and step off at “estádio do Dragão”. To take the subway – the closest to YOURS GUESTHOUSE, is “Trindade” which is situated closer to the “Avenida dos Aliados” (a landmark of the Porto). The proximity to Metro (and other transport) makes YOURS GUESTHOUSE an excellent choice to stay if you travel to Porto and want to get to know the best stadiums near Porto. Estádio do Bessa   The Bessa stadium belongs to Boavista, an emblematic club of Porto. It was built in 1972 and  was rebuilt in the beginning of XXI century to be used in Euro 2004. The stadium has capacity to 30,000 people. To get to “Estádio do  Bessa” you […]

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