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Porto Half Marathon 2018

The Porto Half Marathon, has already a date for this year, September 16th, 2018. Like the previous years, it is expected a lot of heat, and the stage will be the streets of Porto and Gaia. About 12 thousand people will be expected, which makes this event an indispensable reference on a sporting and social level! The Porto Half Marathon 2018, is open to all athletes, federated or non-federated, and consists in a route of approximately 22 km. The walk, or Mini Marathon, an event that is also part, is intended for all age groups, without competitive ends, and consists in a route of approximately 6 km. The registration limit is 15 thousand participants, in which 10 000 are awarded to the Half Marathon, and 5000 to the Mini Marathon. Entries have to be bought at SportZone stores, or other places designated for this purpose, and prices vary according to the registration date. The novelty is that you can sign up now and start preparing for this event! Throughout the course, the participants are accompanied by the Medical Assistance as well as, are covered by a sport insurance. With 10 years of age, the  Porto Half Marathon keeps alive and growing, bringing people closer together, and encouraging […]

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National Museum of Soares dos Reis

Founded in 1833, it is the first Public Art Museum in Portugal. It was intended to collect confiscated goods from the abandoned convents of Porto. Later, settled in the “Convento de Santo António” with the designation of  “Museu Portuense de Pinturas e Estampas”, and followed an innovative cultural and pedagogical program, supporting artists of the “Academia Portuguesa de Belas Artes” (Fine Arts Academy). In 1839, the exhibitions even moved to the direction of the “Academia Portuguesa das Belas Artes”, strengthening the relationship between the Museum and artistic teaching. With the “Estado Novo”, (the dictatorial portuguese political system) and with the valorization of the patrimony, the museum, acquires the status of National Museum, providing its independence, and slightly later, in 1940, and until today, settled in the Palace of “Carrancas”, celebrating this change with the exhibition “A Obra de Soares dos Reis”, an important stage in the History of the Museum. The 25 of April of 1974, (the end of the dictatorial portuguese political system) allowed the appeal to the young, to leave definitively of part the optical collector. It was then proposed, the opening of the enclosed space, to a new art, a new public. The space opening to vitality! […]

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On November 20, 2017, YOURS GuestHouse and YOURS Bistrô have teamed up to help a cause. We have an important protocol. We commit ourselves as a company and employees, to help “Raríssimas”! Raríssimas was founded on April 2002 and is a non-profit institution. The strength and courage for its creation is due to the dream of Marco, son of Paula Costa, the founder of “Casa dos Marcos”, a project that came later. Marco, had “Cornelia de Lange” Syndrome, a rare pathology, associated with congenital malformations and delayed psychomotor development. Then, knowing there were no schools that could help accommodating people like him, he asked his mother to create a space for rare girls and boys. Marco was 16 when he made that request, and unfortunately, he died shortly afterwards, without seeing his desire fulfilled. However, roughly 7 years after this special request, the concept “Casa dos Marcos”, in Moita, Portugal, a unique space in the World for people with rare and very rare diseases, was born, based on a lot of altruism. “Not being for Marco, it’s a home for the other Marcos of Portugal.”, said Paula Costa. The “House of Mark” includes a residential home, intended for patients that […]

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5 Best Markets near Porto

People who visit Portugal cannot leave without trying our amazing food, that’s only amazing because of our fresh and quality products. If you want to find out where you can buy and eat the freshest products near Porto, stay tuned because Beatriz Maia went to find them out for you. Take a look: Bolhão Market Even before Yours Porto existed, Amorim family already bought their products at Bolhão Market. And why? Because there you can find the freshest products and with the most diversity in the city. Is without any doubt one of the 5 Best Markets near Porto. Divided in 4 sections: fish, butcher, florist and fruits, the most iconic market in the city is the place where farmers and producers get together to sell their best and freshest products. Everyone who enters can’t unnoticed the characteristic sound of the sellers loudly screaming who has the best and freshest fish, trying to call the clients attention to their bench. Some say that’s the truth spirit of Porto. And why Bolhão, you ask: back in 1839, when the land was bought to create the future market, there was a huge air bubble forming at the local and so, the owners […]

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5 Best Coffee Shops in Porto

Since we’ve been having crazy weather in Porto, Beatriz Maia went looking for the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Porto so you can enjoy the good and the bad weather. Take a look: Yours Bistrô Yours Bistrô it’s a place full of tradition and culture and their goal is to make you feel like home. It’s recognized for its traditional Portuguese inspired cooking and it’s definitely one the 5 Best Coffee Shops in Porto. It’s the best place to enjoy a cozy and familiar environment, with a sunny and welcoming terrace. The best thing is that no matter what you eat at Yours Bistrô, you can be sure that is made with fresh products and from local farmers and producers. You can taste that homemade effected on the plate. You can also enjoy magic and poetry nights that Yours Bistrô provides from time to time. It’s located at the heart of the city, and offers you breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. Also a perfect place to go for a coffee on their amazing terrace, alongside the view above the historical part of the city. Perfect to relax with your friends and family. You can find Yours Bistrô at Rua dos […]

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Livraria Lello – The Bookshop

“Livraria Lello has housed men of arts and letters, has been the inspiration for acclaimed authors, a place for social gatherings, performances and a serene library for many of Invicta’s avid readers.” This is how Livraria Lello describes itself and we couldn’t agree more. Beatriz Maia went to the most beautiful bookstore in Porto and the world to tell you everything about it. Reed more to see how it was: Livraria Lello as we know it, opened in 1906 by the Lello brothers, men of the arts, letters and culture. Everyone who walks by Rua das Carmelitas can’t help but to be stunned by the façade of the bookshop. The façade has a neo-gothic style that is amazing by itself. The façade has a neo-gothic style that is amazing by itself. However, the façade has to share some of the attention with two amazing figures that symbolize both art and science. Recently restored, the responsible for the bookshop wanted to make sure that the façade turned out to be the closest as the 1906’s original. Walking in the Livraria Lello, we’re immediately overwhelmed by the famous staircase. This is a feeling that many can’t describe, is best for you to see […]

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5 Best Port Wine Cellars

When it comes to Port Wine, there’s no doubt that Porto is the city to visit. To make sure you visit the best of the bests, Beatriz Maia has selected the Top 5 Best Port Wine Cellars just for you, take a look: Graham’s Port Lodge Graham’s Port Lodge is considered to be one of the best Port Wine Cellars because of its location, its sights and its wines. Also, Graham’s is our partner in crime when it comes to providing the most amazing wines for our Yours Bistrô and Yours Store. So, it’s obvious that Graham’s is on our Top 5 Best Port Wine Cellars. Created in 1820, it was one of the first companies to invest on the plantation in Douro. Nowadays, it’s knowned by its innovative production techniques and its fantastic wines. On the other hand, Graham’s is also one of the few cellars to possess a restaurant called Vinum Restaurant & Wine Bar. During the tour you can enjoy recently renovated surfaces. However, since Graham’s is a production cellar, it’s normal to hear some hammer noises throughout the visit. Do to its location (top of the hill), Graham’s has the most magnificent views to the city […]

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