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Palácio da Bolsa of Porto

Palácio da Bolsa of Porto is a true tribute to the artistic skills of the different craftsman’s that where involved over the years.

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5 Music Festivals in Porto

Music festivals are events that are held throughout the year, through various concepts that feature dozens of different musical styles. It is however in summer that the largest festivals of the country happen, and Porto, as the second largest city, houses some of these.

We believe that it is part of the mission of Yours GuestHouse & Bistro to announce the events that take place in the city of Porto in order to make our city as dynamic as possible. So we presente the list of the 5 biggest music festivals in Porto.

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Porto Wine Museum

Porto Wine Museum dedicates the history of Port Wine to a place. Know the importance of Wine in the historical development of the city.

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Serralves Foundation

Located in the city of Porto, the Serralves Foundation is a cultural institution constituted by a park, where a Villa, a Museum and a Library are located.

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The Six Bridges of Porto

Get to know the histories and curiosities of the six bridges of Porto that connect the cities of Porto to Gaia on the Douro River.

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Red Bull Air Race – Porto

The Red Bull Air Race again rips the skies of Porto in 2017! Learn all the information about this spectacular event that reunites the best in the world.

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Know more about Clérigos Tower

Learn more about the Clérigos Tower, the symbol of the city of Porto, considered by the generality as the “ex libris” of the Invicta city.

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Painted tiles of Porto – “Azulejos”

The existence of Painted tiles of Porto – “Azulejos” is quite common and the beauty of these are not indifferent to the tourists that visit Porto, being admired and reason of pride of all citizens.

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Visit our YOURS Shop

Do you already know our YOURS shop?

If you are our guest, enjoyed a meal at the Bistro, or you are just strolling around downtown, come and visit our YOURS shop located at Yours Guesthouse.

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São Bento station

Discover Porto’s most beautiful and famous train station. Elected in 2011 by the renowned “Travel + Leisure” magazine as one of the most beautiful stations in the world, this place is one of the biggest references of the city of Porto, being a must to visit.

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Travel Tips for Porto

Check these useful travel tips to get the best experience If you are travelling to Porto any soon, you will find these travel tips useful to get the most of your journey. First of all, if you are looking for things to do in your stay, check our past blog posts about the subject, specially: 3 days in Porto. This is the downtown map of Porto, the principal hub of the city, where you can see where our Guest House is localized as well as other important places like police stations and hospital. First of all, the emergency numbers are: European emergency phone number: 112 Principal Police Station of downtown: (+00351) 22 209 2000 Principal Fire Department of downtown: (+00351) 223 322787 Useful general travel tips:   Weather: Portugal has a mediterrean weather, so in Porto summer is pretty hot and Winter is rainy. Presently, spring is around the corner so the temperatures are already rising. Enjoy the country with the most daylight in Europe! By the way, timezone is GMT 0, and in summer is GMT +1 Spoken language: The official language of Portugal is portuguese. Howewer, English is usually speaken by locals, specially young people; so feel free to make […]

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Centro Português de Fotografia

Located in the former prison of the 15th century, (“Cadeia e Tribunal da Relação”), was in 1996 created  the “Centro Português de Fotografia”. A Ministry of Culture’s decision. The first exhibitions, in the “Centro Português de Fotografia”, were inaugurated in December of 1997, on the ground floor, that ran as a space for the exhibitions until December of 2000. At that date the photographic culture began to reviving itself, with the appearance of photography schools, festivals and galleries that used to recover photographers excluded by the Salazar regime, and spread the work of international photographers. In 2001, after restored and adapted to its new function, by the team of architects “Eduardo Souto Moura” and “Humberto Vieira”, the building was occupied in its entirety. Nowadays, it is protected by the “Direcção Geral do Livro”, being attributed to them the duties of development and appreciation of the Photographic Heritage. The “Centro Português de Fotografia” still maintain an anual program of temporary exhibitions, a museum centre, a specialized library and a free service of guided tours to the building and exhibitions, subject to previous reservation. The programming balance itself between the contemporary and historical photography and the Portuguese and international photography. Here you […]

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Funicular dos Guindais

Have you ever heard about the history of “Funicular dos Guindais”? The original “Funicular dos Guindais” was projected by the portuguese engineer, Raul Mesnier, known to have built many lifts and funiculars in Portugal. The funicular was inaugurated in the 4th of June, 1891, however, two years later, ended up closed, due to a serious accident that occurred. After human and mechanic failure, the funicular ended up practically discarded alongside a platform on the lowest tray of the “D.Luís I” bridge. Fortunately and although the scenario, it didn’t caused deaths, just some injuries. However, the “Parceria dos Elevadores do Porto” announced the suspension of the funicular for two months, necessary time to initiate the repairs and begin the activities.                 So, the funicular was completely redesign by Raul Mesnier, focusing on restore the funicular functioning, something that never quite happened until nowadays. In 2001, arises a proposal for the replacement of a new funicular in the same spot, and a century after the original opening (19th February 2004), opens a new funicular! It is located between “Guindais” and “Rua da Batalha” street, and its currently operated by “Metro do Porto” company. With an […]

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3 Days in Porto

If 1 day is short, and 2 not enough, we think that 3 days are ideal to know almost all the essence of Porto. Day 1… The best option to stay in, for 3 days in Porto, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! Go down in the “Rua dos Caldeireiros” street, where you are staying and enjoy the beauty of the main avenue of Porto, the “Avenida dos Aliados” that owes its name to a tribute to the Allied Countries in the first World War. All the buildings that you will see are made of quality granite, many of them crowned with summits, pinnacle spires and skylights. Take the opportunity to take unique pictures, to know the building of “Câmara do Porto” and the brand of our city, “Porto.”. Once again go down and visit the “Estação de S.Bento”, one of the most beautiful train stations of the World and one of the most important monuments of the city, made by the architect Marques da Silva, coated with twenty thousand tiles by Jorge […]

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2 days in Porto

Although 2 days in Porto are not enough to know all the stories, gardens, buildings and features, they are enough to get a good feel about the city. The best option to stay in, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! Day 1… For the first day, we have a contrast of routes to propose you. Let’s begin the morning with some hustle, but we promise you that you will finish your day in a more serene way. We begin our route, at “Capela das Almas”, which stays at a very short and interesting walk from YOURS GuestHouse, in the main commercial street of “Baixa do Porto”, “Santa Catarina” street. The “Capela das Almas” is constituted by 15,947 tiles, from Eduardo Leite. They represent the life of San “Francisco de Assis” and Saint “Catarina”! Still on the same street, don’t forget to visit the “Café Majestic” opened in 1921, and considered the sixth most beautiful coffee in the World, in 2011. It was a coffee who has claimed their state with the tradition […]

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1 Day in Porto

When you only have one day in a city like Porto, full of venues and history to show, have you ever wonder “1 Day in Porto – What should I visit?” Here you have our suggestion to 1 day in Porto! The best option to stay in, is YOURS GuestHouse, for many reasons. It´s a very well centralized guest house in the Historic Centre of Porto, therefore, nearby everything you need to visit, it’s a cosy space and it’s customized for you! “Sé Catedral do Porto”, a building from the XII to XIII century, known for the architecture with roman-gothic features. It is a short walk of 7 minutes from YOURS GuestHouse Porto. Schedule: 09h00 am – 19h00 pm Museum and Cloister: 09h00 am – 18h30 pm (summer)                 Reache “Ribeira” using the “Sé Catedral” stairs, where you can take a close look to the “Muralha Fernandina”. “Ribeira” is one of the main tourist attraction points, is an ideal place to take incredible pictures to the landscape, thanks to the excellent views over the Douro river!   Don’t forget to see the D.Luís I bridge, made in iron filigree, drafted by the engineer Théophile Seyrig. You can […]

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Travellers Choice Awards 2017

Yours Guesthouse Porto was distinguished by TripAdvisor with the Travellers Choice Awards 2017

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Manuela Mendes da Silva

  About Manuela Mendes da Silva …   Maria Manuela Mendes da Silva was born in Porto and graduated in Art by Fine Arts University of Porto. She taught art lessons between 1971 and 2006. She started her professional career as a painter in 1966. Member of the Fine Arts National Society, she is represented in the “European Art Museum”. The filme “In My Atelier in Porto”, directed by Álvaro Queirós, is about her work and is part of the archives of the Portuguese cinemateque. She has multiples references in national and international books and her collections are presented in Portugal and abroad, mostly in cities such as Boston, Chicago, Dubai, São Paulo, Paris, Brussels and Tokyo. Contact: Telephone: +351 966051305 E-mail: You can see the colection of paintings at YOURS GuestHouse Porto. Through our website:

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Surf at Porto

Talking about Surf, the YOURS GuestHouse, decided to suggest, for those who have interest, the best beaches of Porto and outskirts, to practice Surf at Porto! And the 10 best beaches to Surf at Porto are: Number 10 S.Pedro de Maceda Beach (Ovar) “S.Pedro de Maceda” has a nice pine forest that surrounds the whole beach. It has an extensive shore and a parking area, which allows you to choose the best spot! It’s a watched beach and it´s YOURS GuestHouse number 10 choice for Surf at Porto! Directions: (“CP Estação de São Bento, direction Aveiro”) Wave size: * * * * Floor: Sand Quality: * * * * Dificulty: Normal               Number 9 Cortegaça Beach Also surrounded by a pine forest and sand dunes, typical in this region, this beach has also an extensive shore, with good facilities and the support of a Campsite. The beach is known for the heavy swell. It´s YOURS GuestHouse number 9 choice for Surf at Porto! Directions: (“CP Estação de São Bento, direction Aveiro”) Wave size: * * * * * Floor: Sand Quality: * * * * Dificulty: Normal               […]

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Porto History

Do you want to know more about Porto History, the destiny you chose? So, the Porto History, owes the origin of his name, to a roman civilization. They were known by “Cale” or “Portus Cale”. “Portus” refering to the city located on the right river bank, Porto, and “Cale”, refering the left river bank, Vila Nova de Gaia. Both names, later giving the origin to our country’s name, Portugal. Douro river was the main responsible for the development of Porto, thanks to the trade exchanges, for example, the Porto Wine. But, not only for our wine, we are also known worldwide for our bridges, for the old architecture of our historic center, classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, for our gastronomy quality, for our best team “Futebol Clube do Porto”, for our University, one of the best two hundred in the world. But mostly, for our people, always known for his strong  and honest character, his cheerful spirit and for his hospitable and hardworker side! Giving special attention to our World Heritage, we highlight the street where YOURSGuestHouse Porto is located, “Rua dos Caldeireiros”, one of the oldest in town. This street is an extension of “Rua do Souto”, that […]

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